Mandy Rose makes huge announcement; she is “coming back to reclaim” her title

The star has been out of action for a long time

The star has been out of action for a long time

Mandy Rose made a huge announcement on her podcast saying that she was returning to reclaim her title. The former WWE star has a goal in mind.

Rose was released from WWE at the end of 2022. While the reason for her release was never really confirmed, it was reported that it was because of the content she was making on premium subscription sites along with her real-life partner. Since that time, she’s stayed away from wrestling, although she has talked about returning.

Mandy Rose has now confirmed that she will be returning to reclaim her title in the WBFF Bikini World Championships. The World Beauty Fitness & Fashion competition saw her win previously in 2014, something she displayed on her Power Alphas podcast. She also said that she wanted to return to the competition this year.

“I am cominjg back to take what is rightfully mine. So this is my sash. This was 2014. Miss WBFF Bikini World Champion. I have decided I am going to commit. I am literally deciding right now….” (36:19 -36:41)She added that she was ready to go get back her title.

“It has been 10 years since I was crowned Bikini world champion and I feel like it’s time I go get my… reclaim my title.” (37:24 – 37:37)

In a post on social media, she asked if fans were ready for her announcement and said that she was going to reclaim her title.

“📣Are you ready for my BIG announcement!?! 📣 Get ready because I am coming back to reclaim my title!”It remains to be seen whether she will be successful in her mission.

Mandy Rose’s title reign was not mentioned by WWE

When talking about Mandy Rose’s titles, it should be mentioned she was not happy at being left out of a recent promo by Tatum Paxley. She talked about the previous champions but never mentioned Mandy Rose, leaving her out of the entire thing.

Fans mentioned it and Rose was disappointed as well.

While the star does not appear to be on the best of terms with the company at present, fans will have to wait to see if she returns at a later time.

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