Nia Jax hints about friend ghosting her; responds to comment about real-life heat with Alexa Bliss

The two were best friends at one time

The two were best friends at one time

Nia Jax recently responded to a tweet about her apparent heat with Alexa Bliss. The two women were best friends at one time.

Jax and Bliss were known for being best friends, frequently spotted with each other on social media. They were known as Team Rude for a while but over the months, they were seen together less frequently. There was a time when Nia Jax had unfollowed Alexa Bliss and had liked a lot of anit-Bliss posts. There were reports that this was not a work, but neither star confirmed if there was any real heat.

Now, Nia Jax sent out a post on social media saying that it was sad when a friend started ghosting you when you were doing well. Since returning to the company, Jax has found a lot of success, dominating most of her matches and picking up key wins. She has even advanced in the Queen of the Ring tournament thanks to Jade Cargill getting disqualified.

Whatever Jax was referring to though, it was not Alexa Bliss. When a fan commented saying that she definitely meant Bliss in the earlier post, Jax didn’t wait around and said that it was not the case.

Whatever the reality of Bliss’ relationship with Jax, neither have been taking shots at each other on social media, and Jax seemed to not appreciate the accusation.

While Nia Jax is busy, Alexa Bliss has been speculated as part of the Wyatt 6 faction

While Nia Jax is currently dominating on SmackDown and making her bid for the Queen of the Ring crown, there has been speculation that Alexa Bliss could return with a big role soon.

For a while now, the star has been out with health issues, followed by her pregnancy. She has been teasing a WWE comeback in recent months, and with the Uncle Howdy teases taking place as well, fans have speculated that she could be returning with the Wyatt 6 faction.

As of now, there’s no confirmation that she will be part of the team, or indeed, if the team shall arrive anytime soon.

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