Paris Jackson: Promising young musician and model

Paris Jackson is considered one of the most promising models in the country. The daughter of King of Pop Michael Jackson really surprises people with her maturity.

Paris Jackson always attracts attention when appearing in front of a crowd.

Paris Jackson always attracts attention when appearing in front of a crowd.

First impression of life 

Paris Michael Katherine Jackson was born on April 3, 1998 in Beverly Hills, California. She is the second child and only daughter of King of Pop Michael Jackson and nurse Deborah Jeanne Rowe, but they later divorced.

As the only daughter, Paris is pampered by her father more than her older brother Prince and younger brother Blanket. Living in the love and care of her father, Paris is like a princess at the Neverland estate. She rarely appears outside and every time she goes out with her father, Paris wears a veil to avoid being photographed.

In 2009, Michael Jackson’s sudden passing made Paris Jackson’s beautiful life seem to end. From now on, Paris had to face many days of hurt and lack of love.

In her bedroom, she hung her father’s photo because she missed her late father very much. After her father passed away, Paris, her older brother Prince and younger brother Blanket were cared for and supervised by their grandmother.

No longer living a closed lifestyle in Neverland like before, the three siblings stepped out into the normal world, going to school and participating in activities like their peers. However, life without a father is not easy for all three brothers, especially Paris. She broke down many times and then tried to lift herself up to become stronger.

Without her father, Paris came to her mother in early 2013, because her mother, nurse Deborah Rowe, had to sign papers relinquishing custody and seeing her child when she divorced Michael Jackson in 1999. Mother and daughter resumed their relationship. feeling after many years of being separated. However, this was not approved by Jackson’s family and Paris’ brother Prince. So a few months later, Paris cut off contact with her mother again. By 2016, Paris and her mother reconciled when she discovered she had breast cancer.

Modeling career 

Although she loves music and wants to follow in her famous father’s footsteps, Paris Jackson chose to move into the fashion industry as a model. And it seems that Paris has made the right move, and is leaving its special mark.

In 2017, Paris Jackson began focusing on her modeling career, starting with a photo shoot for fashion house Chanel. This event marked Paris’s first appearance as a model.

Previously, Paris Jackson was chosen as one of the cover faces for the 10th anniversary issue of CR Fashion Book magazine. Other famous models also appearing on the cover of this magazine include Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss and Lara Stone.

The photo set of model Paris Jackson taken for AGL Fall Winter 2020 Collection has just been published. The daughter of the King of Pop really surprises people with her maturity. This set of photos of Paris was taken by photographer Paolo Roversi. The AGL Fall Winter 2020 Collection combines modernity and classicism.

Introducing the debut album

Paris Jackson: Promising young musician and model photo 1

Recently, Paris Jackson released her debut album titled Wilted to recount her inner struggles. In Fault magazine, Michael Jackson’s daughter opened up about the challenges she has faced over the years while pursuing an artistic path.

She shared: “I realized that no matter what I do or what I want to create, someone will be disappointed. I know I can’t please everyone, so I just want to do what I believe is right. If given the chance, I don’t want to erase any of the pain I’ve experienced. Simply put, without them, there would be no me right now.”

Paris said she feels grateful for the past experiences that helped create the material for Wilted, and believes that everything that has happened has contributed to the Paris Jackson she is today.

Paris Jackson composed 11 songs for Wilted herself. Each song is a personal revelation about her life experiences. “I realized I can handle emotions well through songs. I’ve learned to be honest with my emotions, so I don’t feel shy about making them public,” Paris Jackson confided.

Paris also confided that her father was the strongest person, who also inspired and influenced her. Music magazine NME gave Wilted a score of 3/5, commenting that the album has bright spots that are easily reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s folklore. The finished product, although lacking stability, shows a bright future in the music industry for Paris Jackson.

Meanwhile, Rolling Stone gave it a score of 3.5/5, and also commented that the audience will not have any associations with Michael Jackson when listening to the album.

Private love story

In 2015, Paris Jackson dated Chester Castellaw – a soccer player who plays for Real So Cal Club in the American student league. This guy comes from a wealthy family, living in Beverly Hills, California.

A year later, Paris fell in love with another guy, Michael Snoddy – drummer of the group Street Drum Corps. Paris and her boyfriend share a passion for rock music and a fondness for a liberal and rebellious lifestyle. However, this love affair did not last long.

In the summer of 2018, Paris Jackson had a brief homosexual affair with female supermodel Cara Delevingne. The two girls were seen hugging and kissing outside a restaurant in Los Angeles. A few months later, Paris Jackson openly confessed to being bisexual.

In the fall of 2018, Paris dated the guy from her band The Sound Flowers – rocker Gabriel Glenn. The couple has stuck together and performed together to this day.

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