Patrick Mahomes heroically saves daughter Sterling during Solar Eclipse right in front of Brittany

The Mahomes family was lucky to be in the path of totality

Patrick Mahomes came to the rescue of his daughter while they watched...

Patrick Mahomes came to the rescue of his daughter while they watched the solar eclipse IG / AP

L ike millions of Americans on Monday, the Mahomes family gathered together to watch history unfold in the sky during the 2024 solar eclipse. Their sweet family memory almost ended in disaster, before Patrick Mahomes saved the day and rescued his daughter Sterling from making a huge mistake.

Mahomes family watches the solar eclipse

Brittany Mahomes recorded the whole encounter on her Instagram story. She got a turn to hold Sterling Mahomes, 3, while they wore eye protection and stared up at the sun, waiting for a glimpse of the magical moment that the moon’s shadow would appear as a small black disk.

Then, she passed the little one off to her husband, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick, and recorded the two experiencing the event together. “I see the moon!” she said, followed by an amazed “Daaang!” from her dad.

The Kansas City metro area is very close to the path of totality, allowing for residents like the Mahomes family to see about 90% coverage during the eclipse, which occurred for them around 2:00pm local time.

Meanwhile, their 1-year-old son Bronze had to sit out of the action with their dogs, Steel and Silver, as none of them could keep a pair of sunglasses on.

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Patrick Mahomes saves the day

It was the final video on Brittany’s story when disaster nearly struck. Sterling was walking back from a timeout in the shade, but forgot to put her eye protection back on. She could have risked going blind if Patrick didn’t rush over and stop her just in time.

It was another game saving play when it mattered most from the Super Bowl MVP.

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