[PHOTO] Alexa Bliss cuts her hair short

Alex a Bliss is on a WWE hiatus at present

Alex a Bliss is on a WWE hiatus at present

WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss has cut her hair short and shared the picture in her new Instagram story.

Bliss has been away from in-ring action for almost a year due to her pregnancy. The former RAW Women’s Champion gave birth to her daughter in November last year.

In a new Instagram story, Alexa Bliss can be seen sporting a new hairstyle. Check it out below:

Alexa Bliss hasn’t held a major title belt since 2018

At SummerSlam 2018, Little Miss Bliss lost the RAW Women’s Title to Ronda Rousey. It has been six long years since the loss, and Alexa has yet to win another major singles title belt.

Back in 2022, Bliss spoke with BTSport and stated that she would love to be the champion again but also wants to be the wrestler who works against the champion.

“I just feel like I’ve won. We see a lot of the same people hold titles, so it’s nice to see new people hold titles. I’m really super excited when Liv won the title so it’s cool to have different opponents and if I’m not going to be a champion, I want to be the person working opposite of the champion. So it’s nice to see the other girls have their moments. But I also want to be the character that’s working across from them. I would love to be champ again, but for me, it’s the creative aspect that really drives me.”

Bliss has had an incredible WWE run since making her way to the main roster in 2016. Her fans have been patiently waiting for her to make a big comeback and win a major title somewhere down the line. She will seemingly be out of action for some more time to fully recover from her pregnancy.

What do you think of Alexa’s new look? Sound off in the comments section below.

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