SmackDown star moves to WWE RAW; spotted backstage

The star may now be a part of the WWE roster

The star may now be a part of the WWE RAW roster

Last week, a WWE SmackDown star said goodbye to the blue brand and jumped to RAW. Now, she’s been spotted backstage on the red brand.

Cathy Kelley had talked about moving to RAW for Rhea Ripley, no longer able to take being separated. The star is real-life friends with Ripley and Samantha Irvin and has been open about her issues seeing the two stars spend time together while she’s been on SmackDown. Kelley has even called herself Rhea’s ex in the past in her Twitter bio, playfully.

She posted earlier saying that she was leaving SmackDown as she had to go to her Mami. It seemed to mean that she would be going back to WWE RAW once and for all.

Now, it appears to be confirmed with her sharing pictures with Samantha Irvin backstage on the red brand minutes before the show actually kicked off.

Now that the backstage interview is seemingly back on the show, it will be interesting to see if she interacts with Rhea Ripley and what happens when they come across each other.

As a backstage interviewer, she’s unlikely to have any big role in a storyline, but it would not be the first time that WWE has involved a non-wrestling star in a story.

What are your thoughts on this potential move? Sound off in the comments below.

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