Stephanie McMahon to return and correct big WWE injustice before WrestleMania? Exploring the possibility

She has been not been seen for a long time now

She has been not been seen for a long time now

Stephanie McMahon has been gone from WWE for a long time, taking a step back when her father returned in 2023. However, now with Vince McMahon gone from both WWE and TKO, there’s a chance that she could be set up to return soon.

Although Stephanie’s not been seen in WWE since January 2023, things are different in the company at the moment since accusations came out against Vince McMahon yet again. There’s a chance that she returns before WrestleMania to set an injustice to rest.

Bayley won the Women’s Royal Rumble this year, but despite that, she’s been hardly featured in advertisements and promotions for the event. She’s challenging IYO SKY, a friend turned enemy, and yet at the WrestleMania 40 press event, she was not even featured, while other stars got the limelight. Triple H has also been focused on fixing the issues with The Rock and Cody Rhodes and has not focused on Bayley.

The fact that she has been so absent has been noted by others, including CM Punk himself, who took to social media to note that she deserves to be in the limelight as well, reminding fans about her immense achievements right in the middle of all the commotion surrounding Roman Reigns, The Rock, and Cody Rhodes.

“I just feel the need to, as a broadcast journalist, express the fact that I really wanted to talk about Bayley and how she won the Royal Rumble for the women, and she wasn’t represented on the poster. It felt like she needed a presence there. I got caught up talking about The Rock and [Roman] Reigns and Cody [Rhodes] and Seth [Rollins] and all that, but very much in the main event mix is Bayley. She won the Rumble, don’t forget it, put some respect on her name.”

Bayley has been somewhat overlooked in the buildup to the event when it comes to promoting her match, but there’s more than enough time to set things right. And Stephanie McMahon is the perfect person to do it.

She has always been the one who has put herself forward as the spokesperson for women in WWE. For every major announcement surrounding the Women’s Revolution, she was at the forefront – be it the Women’s Royal Rumble or the Evolution event.

Now, her returning only to push forward the Women’s Royal Rumble winner to the forefront of WrestleMania’s build would be fitting and also give it more importance.

For the moment, fans will have to wait and see if it happens or not.

Stephanie McMahon could be an important on-screen figure in WWE

Although there are two general managers in WWE at the time being for the main roster Adam Pearce and Nick Aldis, their continuous rivalry can tend to get heated.

Stephanie McMahon’s return as an on-screen figure would go a long way towards helping to mediate the issues between the two brands. Her presence on the roster could help everyone at this time.

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