Stephanie McMahon was present at controversial meeting WWE had with Ashley Massaro, claims late star’s friend

Stephanie McMahon and Ashley (via WWE

Stephanie McMahon and Ashley (via WWE’s website)

The late Ashley Massaro’s friend Cara Pipia recently revealed that Stephanie McMahon was aware of her being told to keep mum about the alleged sexual assault.

Ashley Massaro committed suicide on May 16, 2019. The former WWE Superstar’s tragic end resulted in many fans bringing up the allegations that she had made against the company in late 2016. As per Massaro, she was sexually assaulted at a military base during WWE’s tour of Kuwait in 2006 and was told not to make the claim public.

Ashley’s friend Cara Pipia recently spoke with News Nation’s Ashleigh Banfield. She claimed that Stephanie McMahon was aware of the situation and was present at the board meeting where Massaro was told to keep mum.

Here’s the exchange that Pipia had with Banfield:

“She spoke with Vince McMahon many times. Vince had his daughter..,” said Pipia. “Stephanie McMahon?” asked Banfield. “[Nods Pipia]…take his place because she was a female, a woman, and to make Ashley comfortable. And they just played with her. They played with her because everything that Stephanie had made her feel comfortable, safe about, soon as they walked into this board room meeting, Ashley was on her own completely. And she was threatened, and there was no… there was no compassion. There was no sympathy. There was nothing,” said Pipia.They continued:

“So, Ashley Massaro, your best friend, told you that she went into a boardroom…,” asked Banfield. “Yeah, absolutely!” said Pipia. Banfield: “…with the WWE, where Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon…” Pipia: “That’s right.” ” And other executives were seated the entire time. And that’s where she was told this has to stay under wraps?” asked Banfield. “That is right,” Pipia replied. [0:52-1:41]

Stephanie McMahon is no longer with WWE

Stephanie’s run as an on-screen WWE character kicked off during the Attitude Era in the late 90s. She went on to become one of the most successful stars in the company and did quite well as a heel authority figure.

In early 2023, Vince McMahon made his WWE return mere months after announcing his retirement. Shortly after his return, Stephanie announced her resignation from the company. She was spotted at ringside during last year’s Survivor Series: WarGames event.

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