The children of “pop king” Michael Jackson suffer because… they are rich

15 years have passed since the day the three children of “pop king” Michael Jackson stood together on the day of their biological father’s funeral.

The children of "pop king" Michael Jackson suffer because... they are rich

In June 2009, the world public was saddened by the image of three children – Michael Jackson’s children – who were still too young and had to experience great sadness and loss. The biological father – who directly raised all three children – suddenly passed away from drug shock. After appearing on that day of mourning, Michael Jackson’s three children rarely appeared together in public.

Recently, the image of Michael Jackson’s three children attending the premiere of the musical MJ : The Musical in London, England, attracted special attention from the media and the international public.

At this event, except for the eldest son Prince (27 years old) who smiled happily when appearing, Michael Jackson’s two remaining children – Paris (25 years old) and Bigi (22 years old) – did not smile at all. event.

Bigi’s expression of not showing any joyful emotions at this time is quite understandable, because he is at the center of a lawsuit related to his grandmother.

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Left photo: Michael Jackson with his biological mother during his lifetime. Right photo: Michael Jackson’s children at their father’s funeral in 2009 (Photo: Page Six).

The Jackson family has always had many problems and disagreements, large and small, between members of many generations. The main reason is that each person in the Jackson family has a huge ego and refuses to compromise with each other. Up to this point, conflicts continued to appear between generations in the Jackson family.

In the latest legal battle between Bigi and his grandmother – Mrs. Katherine Jackson (93 years old), Bigi took his grandmother to court because of disagreements over spending money belonging to his biological father’s assets. leave.

Bigi asked the court to issue an official ban on Ms. Katherine from using money belonging to the fortune left by his father in the litigation activities she is pursuing.

This application has just been brought to court by Bigi to stop Ms. Katherine from having financial support to continue pursuing litigation that costs a lot of money.

Currently, Katherine objects to the way some related parties handle the musical inheritance left by her son. To intervene and make things happen according to her wishes, Ms. Katherine sued these parties in court. The cost of pursuing the lawsuit was taken from money belonging to the estate left by Michael Jackson.

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Michael Jackson’s children appeared together at the premiere of the musical “MJ: The Musical” (Photo: Page Six).

Standing on Bigi’s side in this lawsuit are his older siblings. Meanwhile, Mrs. Katherine – who took care of and raised her children after her son passed away – will have to go to court because of her 22-year-old nephew’s lawsuit.

It can be seen that Michael Jackson’s children are trying to find ways to protect the assets their father left behind, not wanting money to be spent on expensive, ineffective things. To ensure this, Michael Jackson’s children behave quite decisively, ready to take their relatives to court and dialogue through lawyers.

Since her son passed away and was given the right to be the guardian of her children until they reached adulthood, Katherine has received more than 55 million USD from the assets left by Michael Jackson. She has her own driver, her own chef, and 24/7 bodyguards…

According to showbiz news, Michael Jackson’s children took Katherine to court not because they wanted to directly confront their grandmother, but because they believed that at the age of 93, Katherine was being manipulated by a number of people. taking advantage and manipulating to profit from the assets left by the “pop king”.

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After Michael Jackson passed away, his biological mother – Katherine – was responsible for raising the children until they reached adulthood (Photo: Page Six).

In fact, during his lifetime, “King of Pop” Michael Jackson did not have a good relationship with his biological father and siblings. The relationship between Michael Jackson and his biological mother also had many difficult and stressful periods. Born into a family where biological relationships were often tense, Michael Jackson’s children were very attached to each other.

The eldest son of the “king of pop” – Prince Jackson – once said: “We brothers are tied together because no one understands how we grew up. Only we truly understand each other. It was a very sincere relationship and there was no need to strain to show or hide anything.

In particular, in our lives, there are not many people who truly approach us for good purposes. It is easy for us to encounter fake people who can easily cause harm to us. Therefore, we become stronger and more attached to each other to have the most authentic relationship. We always have sincere love for each other.”

The only daughter of the “king of pop” – Paris – was only 11 years old when her father passed away. She has shared many times that she intended to stay away from the showbiz world and become a psychologist. But then the artistic quality inherited from her father still made her decide to pursue singing and acting.

Paris has had a journey of growing up that has not been easy. She had many thoughts of suicide during her teenage years. Unlike his siblings, Bigi Jackson completely avoids the attention of the media and the public. He has never done any interviews to share about his personal life.

Bigi moved out to live on his own after reaching adulthood. He has a villa worth 2.6 million USD in Los Angeles and has bodyguards protecting him 24/7. Bigi wants to become a director and released his first short film this year.

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Michael Jackson’s children took Katherine to court not because they wanted to directly confront their grandmother (Photo: Page Six).

The childhood of the three Jackson brothers was very different. They all study at home with tutors. Every time the Jackson children go down the street, they are constantly followed by paparazzi.

Currently, Prince and Paris are said to have a good relationship with their biological mother – Ms. Debbie Rowe, who was married to Michael Jackson from 1996 to 2000.

Meanwhile, Bigi was born through a surrogate mother, even Michael Jackson himself did not know the identity of the woman who gave birth to his youngest son. During his lifetime, Michael Jackson once said: “I have another child thanks to a surrogate, Bigi is my biological son. The woman who gave birth to my child does not know who I am, nor do I know who she is.” .

I’m not interested in the details about that woman. I only ask that the person who helps me have another child is a healthy woman, with good eyesight and intelligence. I just question her level of intelligence.”

At present, money is not an issue that Michael Jackson’s children have to think much about. In 2023, the daughter of the “king of pop” – singer Paris Jackson – said she did not sing for money, because she herself… did not need money.

Paris Jackson affirmed that she only cares about the quality of the music products she brings to the audience. She doesn’t care too much about revenue issues.

At the time of Michael Jackson’s death, he was said to be in debt. However, after his death, the Jackson family still regularly collected royalties from the music products that Michael Jackson released to the market during his lifetime.

It is estimated that the Jackson family has earned more than 700 million USD in music royalties since Michael Jackson passed away in 2009. Currently, the total wealth built from Michael Jackson’s name and career is estimated to be up to about 1.8 billion USD.

Since Michael Jackson’s death, each of his children has regularly received $8 million per year from this fortune. Michael Jackson’s three children will inherit an ever-increasing fortune, even after their father has been dead for many years.

At some age milestones, Michael Jackson’s children will receive special amounts of money to spend as they please. These age milestones are ages 18, 33 and 40.

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