When Michael Jackson’s Used & Dirty Underwear Was Sold For A Staggering $1 Million At An Auction, It Was A Part Of Confiscated Evidence!

Michael Jackson’s soiled underwear once went up for auction at a huge amount. Read on to know more about it in detail.

When Michael Jackson's Used Underwear Confiscated As Evidence Was Auctioned For A Staggering $1 Million - Here's Everything We Know!

Michael Jackson’s Underwear Auctioned! ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Michael Jackson is not just a name but a legend in the music world, and there has been no one else like him. Ideally termed the King of Pop, he has left behind his musical legacy along with many other memorabilia. One such item of the legend was reportedly auctioned for a staggering amount. Stay with us till the end of the article to get more details on it.

MJ and his music were an essential part of the 20th century, and it significantly contributed to the entertainment world. Not just his songs but his dance also caused a sensation worldwide. His ‘Moonwalk’ is still one of the most significant contributions in the field of dance. Jackson’s music not only entertained people with its rhythm but was also said to have broken racial barriers. His Thriller, Bad, and Dangerous are some of his best-selling albums and are still considered iconic.

Despite his several controversies, Michael Jackson‘s achievements are unparalleled. He is an idol for many music enthusiasts who want to make a career out of it. His stardom is boundless, which also resulted in people investing a considerable amount of money in his personal items, which at times went for auctions.

According to several reports, including Stuff, Michael Jackson’s used underwear was once auctioned for a whopping amount of money, and it’s a staggering $1 Million. As per the report, it was a Calvin Klein underwear in size 28 which went up for an auction over a decade ago. They were put up for sale on eBay, an online auction and shopping site.

The reports claimed that the soiled undie was seized by Tom Sneddon, the then District Attorney for Santa Barbara, when MJ was charged with child molestation allegations. The underwear, along with other things, were part of the evidence and to collect a DNA sample. The singer was acquitted of all charges.

They were being suctioned by a businessman from New Jersey named Henry Vacarro. He got his hands on them in a bankruptcy case. He also auctioned a hand note by Jackson explaining his reasons for wanting an annulment from Lisa Marie Presley. Henry also put a used tube of a skin-beaching cream for the sale.

Michael Jackson, born in 1958, passed away at the age of 50 in 2009, but he still lives on in everyone’s hearts through his music.

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