“Who the f**k taught you to talk to a lady like that?” – WWE legend’s wife furious after being insulted by The Dark Order

Dark Order consists of Evil Uno, John Silver and Alex Reynolds

Dark Order consists of Evil Uno, John Silver, and Alex Reynolds [Image from WWE Facebook and Alex Reynold’s instagram]

A WWE Hall of Famer’s wife recently lashed out at the Dark Order. The person being discussed is Jeff Jarrett’s wife, Karen Jarrett.

Double J is a former WWE Superstar who worked for the Stamford-based promotion from 1992 until 1996. The latter then switched to different promotions over the next few years, came back in 2018 and again departed in 2022. In the same year, he joined AEW as an in-ring competitor. He now serves as the promotion’s Director of Business Development as well.

Recently, Jarrett advised The Dark Order to insult anybody who came in their way of becoming a protagonist. On the latest episode of Being The Dark Order, Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds, and John Silver ironically insulted Karen Jarrett. The trio was clueless about her being the WWE legend’s wife.

This infuriated Karen, who then disciplined the faction members.

“I know you’re not talking to me. Who the f**k taught you to talk to a lady like that? Huh? Do you know who the f**k I am? […] Walking around wearing a stupid f**king mask. Huh? Who the f**k taught you to talk to a lady like that? A veteran? No veteran I know would ever teach anybody to talk to a lady like that. What are you doing with your f**king hands up in the air? Oh, you had big b**ls a minute ago, you stupid f**k. Oh, you think it’s funny. Huh? Go shave your face? You think this is a f**king joke?” Karen Jarrett said. (09: 30 – 10:23)She also told The Dark Order to wait for her husband’s reaction once he gets to know the way she was spoken to:

“You know who my husband is? You wait till I go get him and bring him here. You know what he would do to you if he heard you speaking to me that way? You stupid motherf**kers,” she added. (10:25 – 10:37)

WWE legend Jeff Jarrett is excited for Sting’s final match

The 56-year-old star recently expressed happiness for Sting’s final match at Revolution pay-per-view.

While speaking on the My World podcast, the WWE legend revealed that he and The Icon have a long history in different promotions and said he couldn’t be happier for his retirement match.

“I’m excited. As the old mentality, you give them something concise and what they want to see, you don’t have to give them anything other than it’s Sting’s last match. Me and Sting got a long history [in] WCW, TNA, and a little bit of it in AEW. But I’m very, very happy for my man to be going out that way. That’s going to bring a very, very special night,” Jarrett said.

Jeff Jarrett’s latest AEW match took place in October 2023, when he defeated Eddie Kingston on Collision.

When do you think Jeff Jarrett will return to the promotion? Let us know in the comments section below.

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