Zelina Vega finds fellow WWE Superstar “disgusting”

Zelina Vega disgusted by another WWE star (Source: IG)

Zelina Vega is a former women’s tag team champion in WWE.

Zelina Vega and her Latino World Order (LWO) faction were recently drafted to Monday Night RAW. While this separated them from their bitter rivals, the Legado Del Fantasma traitor Carlito was also transferred to Raw under the name of LWO. The backstabbing WWE Superstar had chosen to betray the group before a crucial match at WrestleMania XL and sabotaged his team.

Zelina Vega recently spoke about this and her disgust with Carlito on WWE’s ‘The Bump. Zelina Vega called Carlito a coward for attacking Dragon Lee from behind before his WrestleMania match and for slipping away like he did when he got exposed.

She even noted her doubts about the treacherous wrestler since he joined the group.

“When he came into the LWO, I was like, ‘Okay, cool, stoked for you, whatever.’ But now it’s kind of like, hmm, I should have went with my first vibe on you, and it wasn’t good since [the jump]. So I don’t know. But again, I tried to listen. When you listen to Rey [Mysterio], he’s the mastermind, and he’s the leader, so we got to go by what he says. And I’m happy about doing that, but at the same time, people take advantage of his kindness and they look at it as a weakness. I don’t like that, and I’m not jacking that.”Vega also said that Carlito’s new low is being exposed by someone like Santos Escobar, another LWO traitor.

“You’re a coward. You’re a bum. That’s disgusting to me,” Vega said of Carlito. “And I’m sorry, but if you have somebody also like Santos Escobar, who’s also a bum surrounding himself by bums, to actually catch you in a lie, that’s bad.”

Zelina Vega has had bad luck with her near-wins

Zelina Vega has built herself as a hard-working and powerful superstar in WWE. While she has stood the test of almost every challenge, she has repeatedly lost her title matches. Vega had fought Rhea Ripley for her WWE Women’s Championship at Backlash 2023 but failed to make it count.

The same happened later in her match against IYO SKY. Apparently, Vega had already bested her in a match on SmackDown. However, Zelina failed to capitalize when the Damage CTRL member’s title was on the line. She later noted that she was tired of fighting her way and becoming the top contender every time, only to miss her mark by a slight margin.

It remains to be seen if Zelina Vega can win a singles title in the promotion.

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