Breaking news : Patrick Mahomes Heart is bittered , Leaving Kansas city chiefs over NFL accusations as Travis and Creed Humphrey defend him

Before the Kansas City Chiefs faced the New York Jets in Week Four, Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift were seen hanging out together for dinner, sparking anticipation among fans for their interaction at MetLife Stadium.

However, a viral photo from the game has turned Brittany into a meme, leading to humorous speculation about her reaction.

In the widely circulated image, Swift is visibly engaged and cheering during the game, while Brittany appears to have a less enthusiastic expression and is holding a plate of food.

Playful fans jokingly suggested that Brittany might be feeling overshadowed at Chiefs games recently.

She’s sad she isn’t getting the attention,” a user posted on Twitter.

Some users found humor in the situation and the photo, while others expressed concern for Brittany’s well-being.

“It looks like she’s crying, I feel so bad for whatever happened and just wanna hug her,” another user added.

Despite the lack of a photo featuring Brittany and Swift together, the former shared several snapshots of herself at the game, showcasing her gameday attire.

The relationship between Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift

Prior to the game, Brittany, Swift and other celebrities, such as Blake Lively and Sophie Turner, were seen dining together in New York City.

This confirmed earlier rumors of Swift and Brittany’s desire to maintain a connection and potentially attend more games together in the future.

As previously reported by TMZ, Swift and Brittany initially bonded at Travis Kelce’s private party, even sharing a shot and pledging to stay in touch.

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