Chris Hemsworth’s Thor To Die In Avengers: Secret Wars Amid His Retirement News From MCU?

Fans are thinking Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Thor’ Might Die In Avengers: Secret Wars After Jonathan Majors wanted a Kang vs Thor fight.

Chris Hemsworth's 'Thor' Has Become Soft? Here's What The Fans Think After Jonathan Majors Hinted At 'Thor vs Kang' Fight

Is Chris Hemsworth’s Thor In The Death Cards After Jonathan Majors Hinted At A ‘Thor vs Kang’ Fight? ( Photo Credit – Movie Poster )
It is time for the newer generation to flourish in the world of Avengers instead of the OG ones as they are giving up their mantles and suits one by one. Starting off with Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron man, Chris Evans’ Captain America. Now, is it time for Chris Hemsworth’s Thor to die in the upcoming Avengers movie? Here’s what fans are thinking after Jonathan Majors called Chris for a Kang vs Thor fight! Scroll below to know more!

There have been rumours that Hemsworth might retire from being a superhero soon. And this theory that after a fight with Kang, Thor might die seems to be too true! Check out the fans’ reactions.

Chris Hemsworth’s Thor has been one of the OG characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ruling over our hearts. However, very recently the actor had mentioned that he has the APOE4 gene which might increase the chance of him getting the Alzheimer’s disease. And since then, him retiring from MCU has been trending all over the news.

Amidst all these, Jonathan Majors, who plays Kang: the Conqueror was last seen in the series Loki and will be next seen in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania wanted to see a fight between Thor and Kang. He had said, “Bring it…I’m not afraid of Chris Hemsworth.”

Now, after the Twitter account Culture Crave shared the same on Twitter, fans poured their reaction stating that they think Chris Hemsworth’s Thor has become soft after his last movie. One wrote, “Thor’s character has become soft over the years. He doesn’t want the smoke”.

Another comment can be read as, “MCU Thor is a joke after the last movie.”

One of the netizens tweeted, “Out of all the characters, Kang wants to fight a joke…”

Well, before Chris Hemsworth‘s health deteriorates further, he needs a break from acting, and that might just mean that Thor will die in Avengers: Secret Wars. What do you think? Let us know!

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