Real Housewives’ Deborah Davies left horrified after huge £8K Royal Mail error

Former Real Housewives of Cheshire star Deborah Davies has been left horrified after an alleged Royal Mail error flagged that she owed the company £8,000

Deborah Davies has been left in complete shock after Royal Mail claimed she owed them £8,000.

The TV psychic who found fame on ITVBe’s Real Housewives of Cheshire has since branched out and launched an online store, with fans being able to buy wands, candles, crystals and wellness kits. But while Deborah was enjoying a trip to Scotland with her husband Pete, it was claimed she had posted 1500 parcels from her ‘Little Witchy Shop’.

Debbie explained she had been left stunned by the claims and said while she was away, she had posted no parcels on the dates flagged by the Royal Mail. The telly star stated that on average, her postal roughly costs around £150 when she ships items to several customers in one go.

Speaking exclusively to the Mirror, she said: “I can totally see how the Post Office scandal must have happened. I only post about 40 parcels per week, I opened an account with Parcelforce, Royal Mail about one month ago. I’ve been to Scotland for a week, when I came back I’ve been organising things so I’ve only posted four parcels, which is fine.

TV star Deborah Davies claims Royal Mail have made an error, with the organisation claiming she owes them £8,000 (


Deborah was holidaying with her husband Pete on the dates she allegedly sent 1500 parcels (

“I’ve just had a phone call from Royal Mail saying ‘Hi, we’re just a bit concerned as your bill is now £8,000’, I was like ‘What are you talking about? I’ve posted four parcels in two weeks. My postage for the other ones has gone out on direct debit which is weekly, what are you talking about?’ They’re going to try and take it and they said once it’s been generated, I’ll have to query it.”

The stunned star went on to add: “I’m panicking, I’ve posted four parcels. I said I want my account closed, I opened the account and you get told you’ll get a phone call explaining how the website works, how you process orders. No phone call, nothing. The phone number that is a help thing is an answer phone.

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“I’m supposed to have been sent a welcome pack with grey sacks, never arrived. They gave me a link to where I could order them, I ordered them, never arrived. Now, they’re trying to take £8,000 from me when I have not posted anything other than four items.” Debbie added that it was the “worst service” she had received from a company.

Staff at the Royal Mail allegedly told the TV psychic that once the direct debit had been taken, she would need to raise a query in order to attempt to have her funds returned.

Records seen by the Mirror show that Debbie was billed £151.26 on March 18, with the payment taken on March 25. A second bill of £127.80 was invoiced on March 25, and the payment was taken on April 1. Meanwhile, records for an invoice on April 4, which was due to be paid on April 11 was £0.

Deborah claims that she was informed that on April 5, she sent 1500 parcels to customers. But she was holidaying in Scotland with her husband Pete, which she documented on her social media profiles. A Royal Mail worker told the star she was “looking into” the enquiry for her and would be documenting the process.

A spokesperson for Royal Mail told the Mirror: “We’ve been in contact with Ms Davies, the issue has been investigated and found to be a system error. Steps have been taken to ensure she won’t be charged and she’s been informed of this.”

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