Prince Harry ‘CONSIDERING’ becoming a US CITIZEN – and REVEALS whether he feels American in bombshell GMA interview?what do you think?


Prince Harry ‘considering’ becoming a US citizen – and reveals whether he feels American in bombshell GMA interview

The couple issued a defiant message last night

PRINCE Harry is “considering” becoming a US citizen – and has revealed whether he feels American in a bombshell Good Morning American interview.

The Duke of Sussex has sat down for a wide-ranging chat for the first time since Charles postponed all public-facing duties.

Prince Harry is reportedly mulling the possibility of becoming a US citizen

Prince Harry is reportedly mulling the possibility of becoming a US citizenCredit: The Mega Agency

Harry and his wife Meghan Markle in Canada this week


Harry and his wife Meghan Markle in Canada this weekCredit: The Mega Agency
In the interview, Harry said: “Do I feel American? No. I don’t know how I feel.

“I have considered becoming a citizen. It’s a thought that has crossed my mind.

“But it is not an immediate priority.”

Harry, who lives in California with his wife and their two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, jetted to the UK last week to see the King.

He had flown thousands of miles from his California home to be at the King’s side – but only met with his dad for 30 minutes.

On today’s show, Harry said: “I love my family.

“The fact I was able to get on a plane and see him and spend any time with him – I’m grateful for that.”

It comes as…


Asked if the King’s illness could have a reunifying effect on the family, he added: “Yeah sure

“Through all these families I see on a day-to-day basis the strength of the family unit coming together.

“Any illness, any sickness brings family together.”

When asked about Charles’ current condition, he said: “That stays between me and him.”

Beaming Meghan Markle snaps pics of Prince Harry in skeleton bobsled race after couple said ‘we cannot be broken’
Harry and Meghan were this week slammed for launching a new rebranded website – using their royal titles and crest – amid the monarch’s health woes.

Last night, the couple issued a defiant message in response to fierce criticism for their rebrand, saying they “will not be broken”.

The couple are in Vancouver this week to mark 12 months before Harry’s Invictus Games 2025.

It comes after defiant Meghan and Harry hit back at fierce criticism for their rebrand.

They were criticised for not consulting the Royal Family first, after the Queen had banned the couple from using ‘SussexRoyal’ when they stepped away from royal duty four years ago.

A representative for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex told The Mirror: “We’ve heard time and time again that certain opportunities are make or break for the couple.

“They’re still here. They’re still working and pursuing what they believe in, despite constantly being challenged and criticised.

“This couple will not be broken.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived in Canada on Tuesday to mark one year until the Invictus Games are held there in 2025.

The couple were once again snapped at the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort in British Columbia on Thursday.

They spoke to participants who will be doing skeleton bobsledding as they joined a training session in the run up to the Invictus Games.

Prince Harry’s bombshell interviews

PRINCE Harry’s Good Morning America interview is his latest bombshell appearance on TV.

Here’s a full list of all the other interviews Harry has done since Megxit:

March 2021 – Oprah Winfrey

Harry and Meghan’s bombshell Oprah interview left viewers gobsmacked.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex confirmed no subject was “off limits” during the explosive chat.

The interview unlocked a host of jaw-dropping remarks, racking up over 6,000 complaints from British viewers and even prompting a response from the Queen.

Meghan sent shockwaves through the Royal Family when she told Oprah that Archie wasn’t made a prince after “concerns and conversations” about “how dark” his skin would be when he was born.

The Duchess said there had been conversations with Prince Harry and a “family” member about their unborn son and what colour his skin would be – and “what that would mean or look like”.

Meghan said: “In those months when I was pregnant, all around the same time: we have in tandem he won’t be given security, a title and also concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he’s born.”

Oprah was left stunned and replied: “What? There is a conversation…hold on. Hold up. Hold up. Stop right now.”

She went on: “About how dark your baby is going to be?”

Meghan replied: “Potentially, and what that would mean or look like.”

Meghan was pregnant with daughter Lilibet when she spoke with Oprah, announcing during the chat that she and Harry would be having a baby girl.

She left jaws dropping after addressing her and Kate’s bridesmaid dress row after telling Oprah Kate made HER cry in the lead up to her wedding.

Meg told Oprah it had been difficult to see a “narrative that didn’t happen” surface after it was reported she left Kate in tears over her demands for Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress.

She instead told the chat show Queen: “The reverse happened.

“A few days before the wedding she was upset about something, pertaining to… the flower girl dresses, and it made me cry. And it really hurt my feelings.

“There wasn’t a confrontation and I don’t think it’s fair to her to get into the details of that because she apologised, and I have forgiven her.

“What was hard to get over was being blamed for something that not only I didn’t do, but that happened to me.”

To this day, it remains unclear what caused all the tears.

Prince Harry famously told Oprah his dad stopped taking his calls after quitting royal life and said he was “cut off” financially by the Royal Family.

He told how he “didn’t have a plan” after the bombshell move and the idea to collaborate with brands like Spotify and Netflix were only suggested to him later.

He told Oprah: “We didn’t have a plan.

“[Signing lucrative deals] was suggested by somebody else by the point of where my family literally cut me off financially, and I had to afford security for us.”

Prince Charles’ annual review, however, revealed Charles had in actual fact given his both his sons a share of £4.5million after Megxit.

May 2021 – Dax Shepard

Harry swore as he asked podcast host Dax Shepard about what it was like to take a “s***load” of drugs.

During the Armchair Expert podcast, Shepard spoke candidly about his drug use in the past and was quizzed by the Duke of Sussex about his path to sobriety.

Harry also revealed he feels “more free” since his move to LA, where he lives with Meghan Markle and son Archie.

He told the podcast: “Living here now I can actually lift my head and actually I feel different, my shoulders have dropped, so has hers, you can walk around feeling a little bit more free.

“I can take Archie on the back of my bicycle. I never had the chance to do that.”

January 2023 – Tom Bradby

The Duke of Sussex sat down with the ITV journalist ahead of the release of his tell-all memoir Spare.

Bradby asked Harry about his bombshell claim that he and William once got into a physical fight over Meghan.

Harry claimed that William “grabbed me by the collar, ripping my necklace and knocked me to the floor”.

He also hit back at claims that he launched a scathing attack on Queen Consort Camilla when they were introduced.

Harry revealed that he said he only cried once after his mother died – and it was at her burial.

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