BREAKING: Alex Caruso’s Contract And Salary Breakdown, Currently on a Contract Worth over $36 million

Bulls guard Alex Caruso has been phenomenal this season for the Red and Black. Currently on a contract worth over $36 million, Alex Caruso has done justice to his paycheck with consistent performances on both sides of the ball.

While the Chicago-based franchise has finally earned their play-in spot, a possible postseason run will demand all the help they can get. In the meantime, here’s a comprehensive breakdown of Alex Caruso’s NBA contract and salary details.

Caruso inked a four-year contract worth $36,980,000 with the Chicago Bulls in August 2021. However, the deal was only partially guaranteed at signing. For the 2023-24 season, Caruso is making $9,460,000 in base salary, according to Spotrac.

The salary for the final year of the deal needs to be guaranteed before June 30, 2024. By the end of the next season, Caruso will become an unrestricted free agent, i.e., in 2025.

Here’s an estimated breakdown of how much Alex Caruso is making from his current Bulls contract:

Guaranteed at signing: $30,090,000

Average annual salary: $9,245,000
Salary for 2023-24: $9,460,000
Salary per game: $115,366
Salary per quarter: $28,841
Salary per minute: $2,403

Caruso’s previous contract was a two-year deal with the LA Lakers worth about $5,500,000 which he signed in July 2019. His current terms with the Bulls have surely been an upgrade, and given his consistent performances, it only seems to be onward and upward in his career.

Why The Bulls Should Retain Caruso

It is clear that the roster will need a revamp come off-season as big names like DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine might not stay in Chicago. The Bulls also badly need to add depth to their squad. Despite not being a high scorer, Alex Caruso’s impact on the Bulls game has been out there for everyone to see. Retaining the player for next season, and possibly beyond, seems like a sensible move that fans are all in for.

Caruso’s ability to guard multiple positions effectively and contribute offensively with timely passes and occasional scoring makes him a valuable asset. He disrupts opponents’ plays with his quick hands and sharp instincts, something we have seen on multiple occasions this season from the 30-year-old. This skill set makes Caruso one of the league’s best perimeter defenders. Last year Caruso was named to the All-Defensive First Team and he has a strong case to earn that honor again this year.

Caruso’s ability to energize his team with his hustle plays and timely contributions makes him crucial, especially in high-pressure situations. He’s a player who does the little things right and makes a big difference on the court and it is only fair that the Bulls retain their asset. Whether or not they extend a deal to DeRozan this offseason retaining Caruso would give the Bulls the most options. They could keep him around as a valuable veteran on a rebuilding team or they could trade for him for an impressive trade package. Ultimately resigning Caruso aligns with either direction the Bulls choose to go this off-season.

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