“I do miss him…” Warriors ex-GM Bob Myers admits crying knowing he’ll never be around Steph Curry again

Last year, Bob Myers stepped down as the Warriors general manager after 11 long years.

Steph Curry Shares Heartfelt Message to Bob Myers - Inside the Warriors

Bob Myers reveals he cried while discussing his retirement with Stephen Curry.

Bob Myers was the Golden State Warriors general manager for 11 wonderful years. He helped the team win four championships and also recruited some of the most important players in Warriors history. However, in May of last year, Myers announced that he would be stepping down from the role.

After almost a year of retiring on The Old Man & Three podcast, Bob Myers talked about the time when he decided to leave the Warriors. The former manager revealed that he had an emotional conversation over dinner with the Warriors star Stephen Curry. As he was leaving the organization, Myers was upset about parting ways with Curry.

I cried when I told him [Curry] I was done. Mostly because I felt like I wasn't gonna get to see him every day---- I do miss the guy.

Bob Myers said

While talking with JJ Redick, Myers revealed that he was upset with himself for making a decision that would result in him not meeting Curry daily. The former general manager further praised Curry for being a genuine human being and their bond beyond professional business. Myers referred to Curry as a ‘general article’ while expressing that he missed him.

Myers and Curry both have a huge impact on each other’s careers. Myers was the key person to put together the Golden State Warriors dynasty, which in the future became one of the most influential teams in NBA history. While discussing Curry’s career, it is impossible to not acknowledge Myers’ contribution to it.

Bob Myers believes Steph Curry and LeBron James should play together

In February, a piece of news broke the internet just after the NBA’s trade deadline. The Warriors offered a deal to recruit LeBron James, but the Los Angeles Lakers denied the request. However, just the possibility of James and Curry playing together took the NBA world, and understandably, by storm.

Myers, who is now an analyst for ESPN, revealed his thoughts last month on the stars being paired up. In Myers’ return to the Warriors ground, the ex-GM expressed that he wants to see the duo play together. Myers believes that the duo will complement each other well on the basketball court.

Curry and LeBron complement each other on the basketball court. LeBron is a point forward, one of the best passers ever, and Curry is moving off the ball. We'll probably not going to get to see it.

Bob Myers said on ABC

The duo, being the biggest stars in the NBA, was not the focus for Myers. He feels that the players’ positions as forward and guard would be a great combination on the floor. However, Myers’ desire may stay as a dream as there are no signs of the duo teaming up in the near future.

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