Who is Luffy’s Mother? New One Piece Character From God Valley Arc Hints It’s Not Crocodile

Theory Suggests Ginny is Monkey D. Luffy’s Mother in One Piece.


Monkey D. Luffy’s mother’s identity is one of the greatest mysteries in One Piece.
Given that his mother isn’t often mentioned in the story, fans have expressed a strong desire to know more about her.
Nevertheless, fans think that a new character who recently appeared in the narrative is most likely Luffy’s mother.

One of the biggest mysteries of One Piece is the identity of Monkey D. Luffy’s mother. Luffy hails from a family of incredibly powerful people. As the leader of the Revolutionary Army, which seeks to topple the World Government, his father, Monkey D. Dragon is the most wanted criminal in the world. Monkey D. Garp, the grandfather of Luffy, is a Vice Admiral and a Marine Hero.

Monkey D. Luffy in One PieceMonkey D. Luffy in One Piece
Fans have been quite interested in learning more about his mother, though, as she is rarely mentioned in the narrative. At first, there was a theory that claimed Crocodile was Luffy’s mother, but this was all conjecture. There are several women who could be Luffy’s mother among the One Piece cast of characters.

However, recently, a new character was introduced in the story, and fans believe is most likely to be Luffy’s mother. The character is none other than Ginny, Bonney’s mother, and one of the initial members of the Revolutionary Army. There are many notions that support this theory about Ginny being Luffy’s mother.

Ginny’s Introduction to One Piece

Ginny had joined the Revolutionary Army 22 years ago with Bartholomew Kuma when they were still known as the Freedom Fighters. She was the former East Army commander of that organization. Jewelry Bonney was her daughter. In chapter 1095, Kuma met Ivankov and Ginny during the God Valley incident.

38 years ago, when she was still a slave, she was made to compete in the Native Hunting Competition on God Valley. To avoid the Native Hunting Competition, she and Ivankov planned the God Valley Incident. She was captured by the World Government and became the eighth wife to a World Noble.

She also served as a test subject for Jaygarcia Saturn, where she contracted an illness and passed away. Since the introduction of Ginny in the story, fans have been speculating that along with Bonney, Ginny is also the mother of Luffy, which would ultimately solve the mystery behind Luffy’s biological mother.

Fans Speculate Ginny is Luffy’s Mother

Chapter 1095 featured Ginny’s flashback introduction, making her a new character in the One Piece cast. Even though she was in a pretty dire situation, she was seen nonchalantly munching down on a piece of meat.
Ginny Eating MeatGinny Eating Meat

When One Piece fans saw Ginny eating meat and had an irreverent smile on her face, they were unable to help but think of Luffy, who also loves meat a lot and potentially can’t live without it. It has been seen during various instances that Luffy’s love for meat is superior to everything, and just like Ginny, even in difficult situations, he thinks about wanting to eat meat.

Granted, the fact that Ginny shares many of Luffy’s distinguishing characteristics with him when she first appears in the series may allude to the fact that Ginny is Luffy’s mother from One Piece. Unusual for Ginny, she is also the mother of Jewelry Bonney, Luffy’s fellow member of the “Worst Generation.” Inadvertently, this would make Bonney and Luffy siblings.

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