Deion Sanders’ Trusted Business Advisor Reveals How Erin Andrews Played It Smart With the Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift Romance That Led Her To Make a Ton Of Money. tt

Deion Sanders became the most marketable head coach and personal brand in NCAA football in only his first few games with CU and it happened because of his mastermind business advisor Constance Schwartz-Morini. However, Coach Prime wasn’t the only success story she was a part of in 2023 as her partnership with Erin Andrews also flourished during the same time.

Morini is also partners with Erin Andrews for her clothing line ‘Wear by EA,’ which became insanely popular especially after it was unintentionally marketed by Taylor Swift, during her second appearance at Arrowhead Stadium.

However, in her appearance at ‘The Deal’ podcast, via Bloomberg with Alex Rodriguez and Jason Kelly, she credited Erin for the genius move that resulted in their massive growth.

"I Just Started Crying": Erin Andrews Reacts to Taylor Swift Wearing Her Brand to the Super Bowl

“Erin is one of the most hands-on entrepreneurs you will ever meet,” Morini said, explaining how despite being prepared for the game, she also hands fans her gear promoting her brand. “When I tell you she busts her a*s at every game.” 

Morini then goes by saying that Erin Andrews, who was consistently demanding Taylor Swift to date Travis Kelce all summer, used the romance to her advantage.

“Taylor’s PR team had reached out to Erin, you know, to come to a show over the summer. And then when it came out that Taylor and Travis were dating, we sent a huge care package to Taylor’s PR team,” she added.

The care package that she and Erin sent to Taylor also included the jacket, that the singer would later wear to a Chiefs game while cheering for Travis Kelce. And considering the fact that it was still one of her early games at the Arrowhead, the trend was as big as one can imagine.

“We had no idea she was gonna wear their jacket,” the business advisor added. “And when that happened on Thursday Night Football, Erin calls me, and she said, ‘I think she’s in our jacket.’ I’m like ‘Oh my God.’”

Erin Andrews Started 'Screaming' When Taylor Swift Wore Her Jacket to Travis Kelce's Game: 'Huge Moment'

Taylor Swift wearing the ‘Wear by EA’ jacket to the game turned out to be a game changer for Erin Andrew’s brand as it received overnight success.

Taylor Swift Helped Erin Andrews’ Brand Touch the Sky

With Taylor Swift playing the fashion model for Erin Andrews live during the game, it was clear that what was about to follow would turn ‘Wear by EA’ into a blockbuster brand.

“Our partners at Fanatics were like, ‘Okay, we need to go now,’” Morini said. “Our manufacturer said, ‘If you have to send somebody overseas to go and stand in these factories and make more jackets.’ We sold out that night. The orders kept coming in. Pre-sales kept happening.”

And it all started with a small friendly gesture from Erin Andrews to Taylor Swift, which in turn made her a ton of money.

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