Jason Kelce’s Wife Kylie Explains Her Years of Experience in Irish Dancing After Going Viral For Her Balcony Dance Video. tt

Kylie Kelce’s finally addressing that video from St. Patrick’s Day. After a clip of her participating in an Irish jig went viral earlier this week, Kelce came to her TikTok to not only give an explanation, but also to warn husband Jason Kelce and their buddy to “sleep with one eye open.”

Kylie and Jason were clad in green as they celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at a restaurant and bar in Media, Pennsylvania, over the weekend, the location where the viral video originated from. While fans were delighted with the video of Kylie jigging it up, she got onto her social media to call it something she had “no business” doing. However, she also gave a comprehensive look into her history with Irish dancing as she revealed,

 “I haven’t Irish danced since probably seventh grade, and that is with the exception of occasionally when impaired in college.”

Kylie explained that she began learning Irish dance when she was “about four years old,” but called it quits around the time she was in middle school. So she had approximately 8-9 years of experience in Irish dancing.

Kylie Kelce Kills the Irish Jig

In the viral video from the eventful St. Patrick’s Day celebration of one of NFL’s most favorite couple, Kylie, initially appears hesitant among a group of dancers. However, she quickly joins in, seamlessly blending with the group. In her Tiktok, she explained that her attendance was solely to support the young dancer, whom she affectionately calls Maggie, seen standing to her right in the video.

Maggie was part of a performance with fellow dancers from the McHugh School of Irish Dance. While she calls it a place she had no business being, fans sure lapped it up, as Kylie sees her popularity grow among the Eagles fandom. “Please notice the raised eyebrows,” Kylie said, voicing her inner thoughts while playing back the clip. “This is the moment where that head shake says, ‘I’m not supposed to be up here.’”

“Take note of this look right here,” she added. “This is the, ‘Oh, you think you’re funny’ look. And I’m darting that right over to the two men that volunteered me for this activity…Sleep with one eye open,” she declared in a hilarious threat to her husband and their friend.

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