“Not an $11 Million Deal”: Jason Kelce Voices Dislike for Hyped Up Contracts While Travis Kelce Backs Hollywood Brown’s Signing. tt

The Kansas City Chiefs, after immensely struggling on the offensive front last season, added an explosive weapon in the receiving room — Marquise Brown. And it’s safe to say Travis Kelce is pumped about the transaction. The former Ravens wideout agreed to a one-year, $11 million deal with the defending champions. But is it actually $11 million? That’s what Travis and his brother Jason Kelce delved into during their recent banter session on a recent episode of the New Heights podcast.

Jason seemed irritated by the wording of the contracts and how teams formulate them without specifying that Brown has to reach certain milestones. The former Eagles center explained how the contracts were like those of Brown’s work. When teams say up to $11 million, it’s not the fixed amount that player will get. It means the player has a chance to make $11 million if he satisfies the conditions inserted into the contract. He asserted that even though he doesn’t like how franchises formulate these contracts; he gets it because he has gone through a similar situation.

“The wording of some of these contracts — a lot of times the reason they say up to $11 million is either Marquise Brown or the Chiefs want to make it sound like it’s an $11 million deal. Up to means it is not $11 million, up to means he’s got to be a Pro- Bowler, a certain amount of catches, certain amount and yards,” Jason said. “I am not trying to hate. I just don’t like the way these contracts have started to get sensationalized. I hate it and it’s stupid.”

While Jason has some apprehensions about the contract, Travis claimed that Hollywood is someone who merits such a contract because he is about to put up some insane numbers this year and prove that he is worth every penny.

“He’s About to Go Crazy This Year”: Travis Kelce Backs Hollywood Brown’s Signing

In the interview, Jason Kelce even quipped that the actual contract could be around just $6-7 million, while the rest is made up of incentives because it’s the way a team wants, but Travis seemed to not care about that at all. The younger Kelce is excited to see Brown in action in Kansas City colors because he is certain that Brown is one of the fastest wideouts in the league.

He stated that he had a brief conversation with some people at the Oklahoma Sooners, where Marquise spent two years, and everyone had nothing but great things to say about him. Travis also believes the Brown will have an impact both on and off the pitch, as he expressed,

“I am fu**ing pumped, man!” followed by, “Hollywood’s gonna get $11 million because he is worth every penny and he’s about to go crazy this year. The guy can absolutely fly. Talked to my guys from the Oklahoma Sooners on what type of guy he (Marquise Brown) is and everybody just raves about the person he is in the building. I think it’s going to be a great addition to the locker room as well as on the field.”

Nonetheless, Marquise Brown has yet to have a stellar season, as in the past few years, he only averaged 700 yards a season. But he does bring a different element of speed to the Chiefs side, which they have been missing since the departure of Tyreek Hill. He can fly past the defenders and create separation.

Brown will perfectly complement their possible starting receiver Rashee Rice, who has the potential to be a 1000-yard receiver. He will also get the best out of Mahomes, who had his worst statistical season in 2023 because of a lack of dependable receivers.

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