Travis Kelce Gets Scared as Arnold Schwarzenegger Breaks Down His Liking for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson: “My Tail Is Between My Legs” tt

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce are back with a new episode of the New Heights podcast, and this time the Terminator, a.k.a. Arnold Schwarzenegger, makes an appearance on the show. Despite being typecast as the action star, the 7-time Mr. Olympia has done a wide range of movies, many of which turned out to be commercial successes, grossing billions at the box office. However, another man in Hollywood, with a similar frame and pedigree, is on the rise. And it’s none other than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

One could very well argue that The Rock has replaced Arnold in action roles and has been churning out commercially successful movies. So naturally, the topic of who is a bigger action star overall came up, with the Kelce brothers discussing it even before they formally invited Schwarzenegger to the show.

Despite sitting inches away from 7-time Mr. Olympia, Travis couldn’t help but choose The Rock’s side. While Arnold partially agreed with the 3-time Super Bowl winner, Travis felt scared and playfully admitted that he made the mistake of saying that to Terminator’s face, quipping, “My tail was between my legs when you walked in.

“When you were pumping me up, you guys were disputing between the Rock and Arnold. There’s a dispute because he (Travis Kelce) was partially right,” Schwarzenegger said. “After all, the Rock is stronger now than I am. He has more muscles than I have right now, and his movies are doing really well. So there is nothing to be taken away from the Rock.”

Nonetheless, with the Kelce brothers now recording their show together in Hollywood, Arnold had an interesting idea about the duo possibly trying their luck in LA.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Hints at Movie Career for Jason and Travis Kelce

The former Governor of California asserted that it’s not a coincidence that the New Heights podcast is being recorded in Hollywood as he feels that now-retired Jason Kelce is actively looking for roles in the industry. After a successful football career, and now branching out in podcasting, the former Eagles’ Center might be taking all kinds of meetings for his next career in the show business. Arnold knows or has been informed of the Kelce brothers’ interest in LA, but they don’t want to disclose those projects yet. At least, that’s what the ‘Terminator’ actor shared on the show.

“This is maybe off the record, but no one is going to blab out there, anyway. He’s (Jason Kelce) probably here doing some interviews for movie parts,” Schwarzenegger asserted. “I said to myself there’s something odd because a lot of times you guys do the show — where you (Travis) were in another place and you (Jason) were at another place — and it’s the split screen thing, which really works well. Now you guys are together because you are in Hollywood. There’s a reason why you guys are out here together in Hollywood. I mean there is all kinds of interviews being scheduled for movie parts. You guys have it lined up, you just don’t want to give away right now.”

While Jason quickly changed the topic, it is sufficient to say he could be looking to jump-start his new career. The Kelce brothers have gained mounting popularity in the past 2 years because of their accomplishments on the field and their highly entertaining podcast off of it. They are camera ready and the Taylor Swift factor could also come in handy. Both brothers have been successful at everything they try their hand on, so it wouldn’t be such a surprise if a production company offered the duo a role.

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