Arnold Schwarzenegger Asserts He’d Make a ‘Great President’: ‘Everything I’ve Accomplished is Because of America’

Hollywood star and professional bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, in parallel to his cinematic career, has built up a profound influence in politics.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He’d Make a ‘Great President’: “Everything I’ve accomplished is because of America.”

Schwarzenegger, often described as a moderate Republican, served two terms as governor of California between 2003 and 2011.

Currently, the Terminator star is very confident about contesting for the next president of the US. The actor who has every possibility of getting disqualified from the race criticizes the American political framework and calls for a complete overhaul.

Arnold Schwarzenegger believes he will make a “Great President”
Arnold SchwarzeneggerArnold Schwarzenegger
The American presidential election is one of the most anticipated and hotly discussed topics of conversation around the world.

In America, being the most powerful and economically affluent nation, the presidential election holds considerable global importance.

The American actor and filmmaker Arnold Schwarzenegger has expressed his interest in becoming the next president of the United States, stating to BBC News, “I feel like I would make a great president,” without exhibiting the slightest hint of self-doubt, before continuing, “But I feel that, at the same time, everything I’ve accomplished was because of America”.

“America gave me so many opportunities, and the American people were so embarrassed, and they just received me with open arms.

There was no one there that stopped me from achieving success. So the only thing that I can’t do, which is run for president, I’m not going to complain about that.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger while interview with BBC newsArnold Schwarzenegger in an interview with BBC news

Despite all their achievements as governor as well as an actor, Schwarzenegger cannot contest the election. As per the US Constitution, anyone holding that office must be a natural-born citizen.

Schwarzenegger hails from Thal, Austria, where he lived until the age of 19. In the spirit of his restriction, Schwarzenegger criticizes the US political framework for limiting immigrant participation to the highest office.

“I mean, OK, there is the constitution. We need some immigration reform, absolutely, to change that. But it would be a little bit selfish if I went out and tried to change the law.”

Schwarzenegger expressed his regret for the system that rubbed out his eligibility for the presidential election pursuant to his foreign birth, and he also believed that it would be selfish for him to try to rule out the law to benefit his own presidential aspirations.

Arnold Schwarzenegger criticizes the old-age presidential race
Arnold Schwarzenegger served two terms as governor of California between 2003 and 2011Arnold Schwarzenegger served two terms as governor of California between 2003 and 2011
The Predator star also criticized the system for lacking youth participation in the election.

The actor is certainly not excited about the presidential race between President Joe Biden and Donald Trump, who have a combined age of 157, which is very much on the cards, and emphasized that “America finds some really young blood.”

“Because to me, it is a little bit odd that we are having a battle between people today in the late seventies and early eighties rather than people that are in their forties and fifties or maybe even younger and have them have a chance at this great, great job.”

Schwarzenegger also talks about his US political history as governor in his newly released book, Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life. According to the description, the book offers readers seven guidelines to discover the fulfillment of their true purpose in life.

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