Brigitte Nielsen States She ‘Never’ Thinks About Ex Sylvester Stallone

Nielsen has been married to Mattia Dessi since 2006

It’s been nearly 40 years since Brigitte Nielsen married Sylvester Stallone, and the actress says that her former husband doesn’t cross her mind often.

After all this time, Nielsen admitted that she has “no idea what that guy is up to. You move on, you know? You’re so busy doing other things that it can be like, ‘Wait, what was his name again?'”

A photo of Brigitte Nielsen, Sylvester Stallone

Brigitte Nielsen and Sylvester Stallone were married for 19 months before divorcing in 1987. (Prince Williams/GC Images/Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection)

“I never think about him,” she said. “Sometimes it feels like it never even happened.”

Nielsen, 60, and Stallone, 77, were married for just 19 months. They had a 17-year age gap – she was 22 when they met – and some speculated she was only with him for money, something she addressed in a 2014 interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“The biggest misconception while I was with Sylvester was the fact that everybody thought I married him because of money,” she said. “They didn’t understand that he begged me to marry. He begged me!”

She continued, “I remember thinking, ‘This is too early. This is not right.'” At the same time, everybody was going, ‘Who wouldn’t want to marry Rocky?’”

Sylvester Stallone and Brigitte Nielsen at a performance

Sylvester Stallone is 17 years older than Brigitte Nielsen. (Getty Images)

“If I would go back in time, I shouldn’t have married him,” Nielsen admitted. “And he shouldn’t have married me.

I don’t want to sit here and come across as an angel. I probably was also a pain in the butt at times. . . . But it really just wasn’t for me, and it became very ugly, like some divorces do.”

Multiple reports stated that he was the one to file for divorce, but she has maintained that she’s the one who left him.

As she explained in the interview with Winfrey, “When I left Sylvester, all doors closed for me. No one wanted to touch me, and I was basically blacklisted.”

Brigitte Nielsen in a black dress poses against white bars in 1987 split Brigitte Nielsen on the carpet in black in 2019

Brigitte Nielsen shows off her platinum blonde hair in photos taken in 1987 (L) and 2019 (R). (Getty Images)

In 2019, she told The Guardian, “I was so angry at the time that I cut up my green card. I was pissed off. I said: ‘I’m not an American – screw that, I’m out of here!’”

A Denmark native, Nielsen moved back to Europe after the divorce to continue her career.

In the years since, she’s worked steadily as an actress and singer. She’s also worked in reality television, which is how she met another famous suitor, rapper Flavor Flav. They dated a year before calling it quits in 2005.

In 2006, she married her current husband, Mattia Dessi. The two share a five-year-old daughter, and she has four older children from previous relationships.

Brigitte Nielsen in a black dresses kisses her husband Mattia Dessi in a magenta shirt

Brigitte Nielsen and Mattia Dessi married in 2006. They were 42 and 27, respectively, at the time they got married. (STARLITE/Getty Images)

By the time Nielsen made an appearance in 2018’s “Creed II,” reprising her role alongside Stallone from “Rocky IV,” her feelings toward her former husband seemed to have softened. She previously told People that it was “incredibly emotional” to see him again.

“We are two professionals, and we kept it that way,” she explained. “He stayed in the American corner, and I stayed in the Russian corner. We were on opposite sides, but it was pleasant.”

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