Chinese MC received death threats for groping Taylor Swift

Tran Chinh Phi – Chinese MC became the center of controversy because he was suspected of physically touching Taylor Swift at her recent event.

On November 12, Chinese social networks were abuzz with information that Taylor Swift was groped while performing in China.

The source of the incident started from related to Taylor Swift and MC Tran Chinh Phi – who led her fan meeting in Guangzhou taking place on “Singles Day”.


Chinese MC received death threats for groping Taylor Swift

What caught everyone’s attention was that during the event, Tran Chinh Phi had many actions that were said to touch the female singer’s body.

A source quoted an audience member standing near the stage as saying he witnessed the male MC repeatedly touching Taylor’s sensitive area.

The above information and images were quickly shared widely on social networks. Many viewers – especially Taylor Swift fans – expressed their indignation with the male MC. Some enthusiastic fans even threatened to cut off and kill this male MC.

“Stop touching”, “Don’t take advantage and touch Taylor Swift”, “Tran Chinh Phi, do you believe that tomorrow your hand will no longer exist?”,… are comments from some fan accounts. Taylor scared many people.


Tran Chinh Phi was caught up in the noise right when he was a sought-after MC in the Chinese entertainment industry.

Faced with a wave of strong protests from fans, on the morning of November 12, MC Tran Chinh Phi had to write an apology on Weibo: “I am extremely sorry for becoming the focus in this way.

Because I want to ensure The program ran smoothly and smoothly. I also wanted to interact and protect Taylor Swift’s safety, so I accidentally acted inappropriately.

I was not aware of this. I want to apologize to Taylor and her fans. This event did not meet everyone’s needs and wishes. I hope for your tolerance and forgiveness.”

After the apology post, some netizens also provided other evidence to defend the male MC. They also confirmed that Taylor Swift’s fans misunderstood that Chinh Phi’s act of wrapping her arms behind her waist was just due to the shooting angle.


Taylor Swift has been tired many times because of crazy fans.

This is not the first time Taylor Swift fans have expressed their extreme attitude because of their idol. Previously, some fans were arrested and sentenced for breaking into homes or threatening to rape Taylor Swift.

Tran Chinh Phi was born in 1986 and was a VJ for the MTV Asia television channel. He is one of the most expensive and popular MCs in China recently. The noisy incident seriously affected the male MV’s name.

Currently, he closed his personal page and, through his management company, asked for permission to temporarily suspend operations for a period of time.

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