Emotional moment Katy Perry surprises giddy fan with sh0ck proposal from her girlfriend

The happy couple got engaged in front of thousands of screaming fans on National Coming Out Day

Katy Perry helped make two of her fans’ biggest wishes come true last night as she organised a shock proposal on National Coming Out Day.

The Swish Swish singer was performing on her Witness tour in Brooklyn on Wednesday night when she brought two young women up on stage.

Wearing a sparkly silver bodysuit with puffy sleeves and a half-skirt, the star asked Becky and Katie what they would wish for.

Katy asked Katie and Becky for their biggest wish (Image: Splash News)

The singer couldn’t contain her excitement for what was about to come (Image: Splash News)
“Well, I don’t know if all of y’all have seen Becky, but she’s pretty even without any makeup on,” a nervous Katie tells the crowd.

“And she’s perfect every time I look at her.”

The audience, sensing something significant in the air, start to cheer and whoop as Katie gears up to her important question.

Katie dropped down to one knee in front of her girlfriend (Image: Splash News)

She offered her love a ring and the crowd went wild (Image: Splash News)
Katie then drops down on one knee in front of her shocked girlfriend as Katy spins around the stage in glee.

“Becky, will you marry me?” Katie asks while proffering a jewellery box containing a beautiful ring.

As the crowd scream and applaud the emotional moment, Becky appears speechless with shock.

The newly engaged couple embraced on stage (Image: Splash News)

Katy led the cheers in celebration (Image: Splash News)
Katy drops down to the stage on all fours before springing up and shouting into her microphone: “Say YES Becky if you want to get married!”

The happy fan finally finds her voice and says “Yes!” as the audience goes wild.

The newly engaged couple embrace on stage and hold each other in giddy delight, before Katy steps forward and asks for a selfie “with the new fiancees”.

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