Leaked photo of Taylor Swift being molested that she wanted to keep private

An image believed to show Taylor Swift’s butt being groped was leaked by TMZ.

The famous website TMZ recently released a photo of Taylor Swift taken with DJ David Mueller backstage at one of her concerts in 2013. This moment is believed by Taylor Swift to be when Mueller groped her buttocks. .

Leaked photo of Taylor Swift being molested that she wanted to keep private - Photo 1.

The photo was exclusively obtained by TMZ

In 2015, DJ Mueller was the one who filed the first lawsuit accusing Taylor of slandering him about sexual harassment, causing Mueller to be fired. The incident happened in 2013 at a concert in Denver, Colorado (USA).

At that time, Mueller and his girlfriend had the opportunity to take photos with Taylor backstage at the concert.

But then, Taylor’s bodyguard suddenly approached Mueller, said he groped the singer and kicked him out of the concert. Some time later, the radio station where Mueller worked also fired him after Taylor’s side told them the news.

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In the lawsuit, this DJ’s lawyer affirmed that he did not grope Taylor: “Ms. Swift’s skirt remained intact and was not lifted by Mueller’s hands in the photo.” At the same time, Mueller requested compensation of $150,000.

Responding to Mueller’s lawsuit, Taylor Swift filed another lawsuit, which asserted: “He intentionally put his hand under her skirt, and groped her private areas of her body with an attitude.

inappropriate, against her will, and without her consent. Mueller did not simply touch Ms. Swift while posing for a photo. He lifted her skirt and groped her.”

On October 21, the female singer gave detailed testimony about this case . She said she was frightened when Mueller harassed her.

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In addition, Taylor asked the judge to seal the photo because he thought it could cause the jury to have unbiased prejudices before the case went to trial.

However, this attempt was unsuccessful, because now the whole world has seen the photo.

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