“Love How He’s Lost Weight”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Left Amazed by Mike Tyson’s Spirit of Turning Around His Life Back in 2019

The multi-talented Arnold Schwarzenegger has dabbled in various walks of life. A career that began with a glorious bodybuilding run, Arnold’s path saw a second stop in Hollywood.

After redefining the ideal action hero’s role, Schwarzenegger switched to politics. Like his previous roles, Arnold also found success here, serving two terms as the governor of California.

Apart from his career choices, Arnold has always been big on sports. Before stepping inside the gym to lift heavy, Schwarzenegger played soccer while also following boxing closely.

Arnold’s love for boxing continued over the years, with him befriending many boxing stars, including the likes of Mike Tyson.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was happy to see Mike Tyson doing well

Arnold Schwarzenegger has formed a decent bond with many iconic personalities from different backgrounds. One of his most unique friendships came with Mike Tyson.

The duo formed a close bond owing to their fondness for working out and playing chess. In one of his newsletters, Schwarzenegger mentions his joy over how Tyson recovered after going through a rough phase.

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He wrote, “I had a chance this week to sit down with one of the greats, my friend Mike Tyson. I love how he’s lost weight and gotten back in fighting shape and turned his life around.”

The e-newsletter also contained an image of the duo engaging in a friendly game of chess. The image also served as an example of Arnold’s fascination with the world of sports.

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Mike was struggling after filing for bankruptcy in 2003, but the famed boxer has since turned his life around and now has an estimated net worth of approximately $10 million. He has become a renowned public speaker and charges around $75000 for a two-hour public appearance.

The downfall of a King

During his active years, Mike Tyson was one of the most feared boxers. He was also one of the most successful athletes, earning millions through his fights and other endorsement deals.

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After amassing a net worth of nearly $400 million, Tyson’s lavish spending spree and a divorce settlement saw him lose almost everything. At the peak of his career, Tyson would earn $30 million per fight.

But he would spend it all on cars, jewelry, and mansions. When the divorce of Mike and his ex-wife was finalized, he had to pay a settlement fee of $6.5million.

Tyson also had to give up the keys to a 61-room mansion in the divorce. In 2003, when Tyson eventually filed for bankruptcy, it was reported that he was in debt of around $23 million.

But the boxer did not give up and pieced his life back together. Tyson worked on himself both physically and mentally to make a comeback. And when he did, Arnold Schwarzenegger was there to support him and address his hard work.

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