Mark James Bond’s Explosive Anniversary with ‘Your Cold, Cold Heart’ Celebration

A preview of James Bond: 007 #2 shows the titular secret agent facing off against a kill squad as he investigates Stalvoda.

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Dynamite will celebrate 10 years of publishing James Bond comics with part two “Your Cold, Cold Heart” this February.

Garth Ennis’ James Bond: 007 #1 launched in January, starting off the series with a bang as Bond investigated the deadly compound Stalvoda with ties to MI6.

The action continues in James Bond: 007 #2, and CBR has exclusive preview pages of the new issue that show 007 learning more about the compound’s origins and facing a kill squad that wants to stop him from getting to the bottom of things.










12JAMES BOND: 007 #2

The official synopsis for the issue also hints that Bond will find himself in an even stickier situation, saying “Bond soon discovers that facing gunmen on terra firma is vastly preferable to the freezing hell of outer space!” James Bond: 007 #2 goes on sale Feb. 21 from Dynamite with a special cardstock cover.

Dynamite Celebrates 10 Years of James Bond Comics

Dynamite Entertainment has published a variety of comics starring James Bond over the past ten years as part of their ten-year licensing deal with Ian Fleming Publications that began in 2015.

James Bond: 007 Vol. 1 ran from 2015-2016 and had twelve issues telling the story of Bond in two different timelines, with one story taking place before Casino Royale and the other taking place in a contemporary setting.

Following the success of the first volume, Dynamite Entertainment released even more James Bond stories and spinoffs over the past decade.

Christopher Nolan and Agent 007

Christopher Nolan reveals whether he is directing the next James Bond movie.

The publisher’s latest iteration of James Bond sees writer Garth Ennis, who has experience writing war comics with complex characters, explore the spy’s darker side in new death-defying tales.

Along with their comic book adaptations of Bond, Dynamite Entertainment is known for their comic adaptations of licensed feature films and classic literature, including Sherlock HolmesRoboCop and Thundercats.

The publisher was founded in 2004 and has worked with some of the biggest names in comics in the past 20 years, including Alex Ross, Frank Miller and Matt Wagner.

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