‘Pro Creator’ Hany Rambod Pushes Arnold Schwarzenegger and Phil Heath Through Grueling Training Session

While Samson Dauda and Hadi Choopan had their rematch on stage, three legends with over 30 Mr. Olympia titles between them worked out live on the Arnold Expo floor.

After the roaring success of the 2024 Arnold Classic Ohio, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back with the Arnold Classic UK. On day two, the UK show gave bodybuilding fans something else to talk about than the competition itself.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Phil Heath, and Hany ‘Pro Creator’ Rambod had a training session at the event. While Arnie and The Gift have won seven Mr. Olympia titles each, Heath’s coach, Hany Rambod, has earned over 20 Olympia titles as a coach. While the trio also met in Ohio, this time, they got to work on the Panatta Gym installation at the Arnold Expo.

Rambod put the 76-year-old bodybuilding legend and his former pupil through the paces. The bodybuilders trained using multiple exercise machines at the Panatta booth.

The trio trained the upper body on the chest press, rowing, triceps pushdown, and preacher curl machines, with the FST-7 founder ensuring the former Mr. Olympia champions got an intense workout.

The pictures showed Rambod looking on, making minute adjustments as the bodybuilders trained. Arnold Schwarzenegger kept up despite being 76.

The Austrian Oak did every movement that the younger Mr. Olympia did, and even played the part of an encouraging training partner. Arnie counted reps as Phil Heath pushed through the reps and hyped him to push harder.

Despite being legends of the sport, they all shared a tremendous mutual respect for one another. Arnold Schwarzenegger also posted a video of the grueling training session.

“When 14 Mr. Olympias walk into the Arnold Expo UK,” Arnie wrote. However, this isn’t the first time Arnie and Heath have worked out together.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Phil Heath at the Mecca of bodybuilding

The most decorated coach in bodybuilding today also had the privilege of training Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, his former pupil and the Austrian Oak have trained together at least once before.

In 2023, The Terminator and the 44-year-old trained at Gold’s Gym in Venice, California, with Phil Heath even giving an insight into Arnie’s training philosophy.

While the five-time Mr. Universe trained to become the best bodybuilder in his youth, now he has a different goal.

“High standards of health and wellness being a top priority so that he can thrive in all areas of his life,” Heath wrote in his Instagram post.

The duo also spoke about their shared passion for bodybuilding, and Heath felt honored to train with the Arnold Classic co-founder.

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