Sylvester Stallone on Future Rocky Films: ‘If I Do Another One, I’ll Be Fighting Arthritis’

The 72-year-old action man is terrified of more injuries

Sly is terrified of more injuries

Tough-guy actor Sylvester Stallone admits he is on the road to arthritis.

The action man who has punished his body with five Rocky boxing movies and two spin-offs is terrified of more injuries.

The action man is 72 years old (Image: Getty Images)


Sly Stallone (Image: rex)

“I have had seven major ­operations since Expendables and I know what it is like to squeak when you walk.

“I took about a one-year layoff due to a lot of damage in reckless stunts.”

Sly’s latest Rocky follow-up titled Creed 2 is out in November and in September he is expected to start filming Rambo 5 – his next movie about Vietnam war ­veteran John Rambo.

His latest Rocky follow-up titled Creed 2 is out in November (Image: Unknown)
But the actor said: “If you expect me to be jumping out of a tree with a head band and fighting a snake you are sadly mistaken.”

Sly, speaking at a London hotel, also poked fun at his pal Arnold Schwarzenegger, 70. He said: “He has a 16mm watch. Most people use that for a bathroom scale.”

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