Tulsa King Season 2 Is Even More Important For Sylvester Stallone After $850M Franchise Letdown

Stallone is running out of major franchises, and that problem was only made worse by a recent box office flop, but Tulsa King could be the solution.

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 Sylvester Stallone’s Western TV show Tulsa King could become his next big franchise, filling the void left by the underwhelming performance of The Expendables 4.
 Tulsa King season 2 has the potential for success, as the show has already established a strong fanbase and is created by Taylor Sheridan, known for his successful series.
 The storyline of Tulsa King can expand with new shows and spinoffs, exploring different aspects of Dwight’s criminal empire and potentially creating a whole franchise around the show.

Sylvester Stallone’s Western TV show Tulsa King could be even more important to his career after a major flop for one of his franchises.

Tulsa King follows Stallone as Dwight “The General” Manfredi, a member of the New York mafia who was exiled to Tulsa, Oklahoma after he was released from prison.

When he arrived, he quickly began assembling a criminal and racketeering network and established himself as one of the biggest kingpins in the city. Tulsa King set up season 2 beautifully, and its success could fill Stallone’s franchise void.

Many of Stallone’s biggest franchises have either been completed or are no longer successful enough to hang his hat on. Stallone’s character Rocky wasn’t in Creed III, and while his Rambo movies could continue thanks to the secret ending of Rambo 5, he seems to be mostly done with the character.

A sequel to Samaritan is in the works, but its success is far from guaranteed given the original’s poor reception.

Stallone will have to find a new property to turn into a franchise, especially after one of his franchise’s most recent flops.

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Tulsa King Can Be Stallone’s Biggest New Franchise Now The Expendables Seems Done

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After the bad reviews and underwhelming box office performance of The Expendables 4, the franchise seems all but finished, and Stallone’s diminished involvement could prove he’s done with the series.

He’ll likely have to look to a new property to turn into a franchise, as several of his most popular projects are no longer options. Tulsa King could be the perfect option to replace The Expendables and become Stallone’s biggest franchise.

Out of all the projects he’s currently involved in, Tulsa King seems like the most likely to succeed. The show’s writer, Taylor Sheridan, has enjoyed massive success with his huge catalog of shows, and that extended to Stallone’s.

Tulsa King season 2 was recently confirmed, and it could continue the success and popularity season 1 enjoyed.

Tulsa King is an established series that has already made a name for itself, and there’s plenty of room to expand it further.

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What Will Happen To Sylvester Stallone’s Dwight In Tulsa King Season 2?

Sylvester Stallone as Dwight in Tulsa King in a funeral parlor looking emotional Sylvester Stallone and another man with guns pointed off-camera in Tulsa King Sylvester Stallone in Tulsa King season 1 with gray hair and goatee looking confrontational in the street First Look At Sylvester Stallone in Tulsa King Tulsa King Dwight Manfredi and his Driver Tyson Sylvester Stallone as The General and Scarlet Stallone as an unnamed server in Tulsa King at an outdoor cafe

At the end of Tulsa King season 1, Dwight was betrayed by Stacy and arrested by the ATF during the Bred2Buck Saloon’s grand opening.

While it was a huge setback for his criminal dealings, it could provide the perfect replacement antagonist for season 2.

Dwight killed Caolan Waltrip and decimated the Black MacAdams, leaving him without a power player to oppose him.

His incarceration could open the door to Chickie seeking revenge and taking over his business, which would be a perfect continuation of the New York mob storyline in season 1.

Tulsa King also has huge potential to spawn an entire franchise of its own. Taylor Sheridan has been known for creating multiple spinoffs of Yellowstone, his most popular series, and the same could be done for Stallone. It would also make narrative sense, as Dwight’s criminal empire will almost certainly expand.

New shows could center around different areas of his dealings, such as the weed farm or new illicit industries he could take control of. These potential directions could make Tulsa King Stallone’s next big franchise and fill the void left by The Expendables.

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