Two Titles Short of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Record, Chris Bumstead Critiques His Favored Chest Exercise

Chris Bumstead, the five-time Mr. Olympia, is currently on his off-season break and training for his sixth Mr. Olympia. He currently has a lot on his plate with a baby on the way, but he still manages time to train, work on his physique, and deliver vlogs for his fans on his YouTube channel.

In his recent vlog, the five-time Mr. Olympia shared his chest workout routine that he follows.

He did a series of workouts and shared the challenges he faced while performing one of the favorite exercises of the bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The five-time Mr. Olympia’s slightly struggles with the chest fly

The seven-time Mr. Olympia’s favorite chest workout was chest flys. Arnie preferred the chest fly movement over other exercises because flys are designed to hit the chest without getting involved with the triceps.

On the other hand, CBum shared in his video that he faces challenges with the full-range motion of the machine chest fly.

CBum explained that he has been trying to stop where his full pec is, rather than his back and extend towards his shoulder.

CBum wants to keep the tension on his pecs by following less range of motion, and he feels a lot better following this method.

He further added that he sometimes follows the classic range that stretches the shoulders to his back.

But for the time being, he feels good with the shorter motion. Regardless of the approach the five-time Mr. Olympia follows, his physique is an example of sheer dedication and commitment.

Even the Terminator had praised CBum’s physique in 2022 after winning his fourth Mr. Olympia.

Arnie calls Bumstead “fantastic” 

Arnie was featured in a video on the YouTube channel Nick’s Strength and Power where the Austrian Oak and Nick exchanged their thoughts on all the competition categories.

When they touched upon the Classic Physique division, the Terminator gave Bumstead a big compliment on his physique.

Bodybuilding World Reacts to IFBB’s $210K Classic Physique Prize Boost: “Bumstead Definitely Not Leaving Now”

Chris Bumstead is fantastic […] So, I mean, he’s really extraordinary and I tell you it just I always feel like you know the insiders have their own favorites and then there’s the viewers, the spectators, the fans and he’s the most popular […] Everyone out there says that’s the kind of a body I want,” says the Terminator.

Despite facing challenges in motion, the five-time Mr. Olympia didn’t stop training his chest and found a comfortable motion range.

This showcases the dedication and commitment to get better. What are your views on CBum’ chest fly method. Let us know in the comments.

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