BREAKING: NFL Owners Make Final Decision On In-Season Version of Hard Knocks

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There is a big change coming to Hard Knocks.

The NFL and Hard Knocks received significant pushback during the 2023 season in their quest to select a team for the popular HBO Max series.

In the past, the guidelines stipulated that a team with a new head coach, a playoff berth in the previous two seasons, or an appearance on the show in the last decade would be exempt from participating.

According to NFL Network‘s Mike Garafolo, NFL Chief Media and Business Officer Brian Rolapp said Tuesday that the 2024 in-season Hard Knocks will focus on an entire division rather than a single team.

The in-season version of the show started in 2021.

Many, if not all teams likely do not appreciate it since it probably causes somewhat of a disruption for the team that’s on it during the regular season, so the NFL probably figured that no one would gain an advantage if the league put an entire division on the show.

It is unclear which division will be shown first in 2024. The Miami Dolphins did in the in-season show in 2023 and the Cardinals in 2022, so it seems we can eliminate the AFC East and NFC West.

Teams May Hate Hard Knocks But Fans Love The In-Depth Information It Provides

Like Taylor Swift, many have come to love football through unconventional means.

“Hard Knocks” has been a fan-favorite since first airing in 2001. The NFL docuseries has been so successful that in 2021, a second version was released, this time following a team in-season.

The first version has a way of making little to unknown players a fan favorite and has fans hoping they can do enough to make the team.

The in-season version gives fans a look at the adjustments teams have to make as they navigate the season while dealing with a good or bad record as well as injuries.


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