CJ Stroud Throws Massive Shade At LeBron James While Comparing His Greatness With Aaron Rodgers And Tom Brady

LeBron James greatness questioned by CJ Stroud LeBron James and CJ Stroud (Image Source: Getty Images)

CJ Stroud had a breakthrough season with his team, the Houston Texans last season. The young quarterback earned a lot of praise from the NFL fanatics and is most certainly one of the faces of the game in the future. Even LeBron James praised Stroud for his performances to lead the Texans to the playoffs. But Stroud does not have the same emotion for the NBA icon.

During a recent episode of “Million Dollaz Worth Of Game”, CJ Stroud and his co-hosts debated about Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers’ greatness. When Gillie Da King put forth his opinion on Aaron Rodgers, calling him “overhyped”, CJ protested. The NFL star gave examples of Allan Iverson, Reggie Miller, Steve Nash and Charles Barkley as the players who didn’t have a ring but are the legends of the game, drawing parallel with the Jets QB.

Soon the talk turned to a different direction and LeBron James came to the fore. Stroud said, “Would LeBron James be LeBron James if he had one ring?” He further added that to get more rings LeBron had to switch to the Heat, and he doesn’t respect that.

While LeBron is seen as a GOAT in the eyes of many, Stroud certainly doesn’t think that. According to him, a team wins a championship, not an individual, so leaving your team to win a championship seemed like a selfish choice from LeBron. The same is happening now as LeBron is chasing his 5th ring and is growing increasingly frustrated by the disappointments of the Lakers. Time is of the essence for him as he already went on record to say that his time on the court is limited.

LeBron James to Chase Championship Again?

With his uncertain future with the Lakers, many rumors are swirling around about LeBron’s next move. While many consider Bronny James’ draft to be a key motivator in LeBron’s decision, both could end up on the same team as well. Now, amid the swirling speculations, the Philadelphia Sixers have entered the conversation.

According to Keith Pompey, the Sixers are looking to bring in a max contract player from the pool of LeBron James, Paul George, Jimmy Butler and Brandon Ingram.

The Philly franchise has been desperate in their bid to claim a championship, but their failure is raising questions over the process of the organization. Adding someone like LeBron to the team alongside Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey could help the team chase a championship. But the question still remains about LBJ as his future can only be clarified following the Paris Olympics.


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