Daniel Jones Is Getting Blasted From Every Corner Of The Internet After Embarrassing Photo Leaks

Daniel Jones wearing new New York Giants uniformDaniel Jones (via @NFL_DovKleiman)

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones’s career has declined since he signed a hefty four-year, $160 million extension last off-season, and fans have not been happy with him. It seems as though that trend may continue through 2024.

The New York Giants recently revealed photos of their new uniforms, which they will wear twice this upcoming season. Jones was photographed with the team during the reveal of these interesting new jerseys.

The jerseys aren’t what’s getting the hate; it’s the Giants’ apparent franchise quarterback, as fans are roasting him for the way he looks in the photo that the Giants used to reveal the jerseys.

Dov Kleiman recently called out NFL fans for this act with an X post replying to his original post. Kleiman writes, “Awful: Giants QB Daniel Jones is currently going viral for this photo, with fans claiming that he has zero aura.”

Could Daniel Jones And The Giants’ New Uniform Be Axed Next Off-Season?

One NFL fan joked that Danny Dimes is the “creepiest QB in the NFL,” while another commented, “Everything about this is zero aura,” referencing that these are some pretty odd jerseys.

Another fan also added to the Daniel Jones and new uniform slander by commenting, “Fans aren’t lying. He looks even dorkier in that uniform.” It’s Safe to say that Jones and the may have something in common: The fans want the Giants to get rid of them.

While Jones may be with the team this season, there is no guarantee that he will be next season as the Giants may be able to get out of his contract if he has another bad season with rookie receiver Malik Nabers now in the fold, his best receiver since he joined the Giants.

It remains to be seen what the Giants do with the uniforms and their current starting signal caller.


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