Draymond Green Offers Remedy to Fever Over Caitlin Clark Fouling

Draymond Green has tips for Caitlin Clark problemDraymond Green and Caitlin Clark (Image Source: Getty Images)

After a glorious career in Iowa, Caitlin Clark is having difficulty adjusting to the pro league. Ever since she set foot on the hardwood in her Indiana Fever jersey, all eyes have been on her. The budding star has faced it all, from being scrutinized for her not-so-impressive performance to being physically outplayed. However, following her recent altercation, the Golden State Warriors veteran, Draymond Green, offered a remedy to the Indiana franchise.

When the Fever faced off the Chicago Sky in a nail-biting game, the point guard had to take one for the team. During the game, Chicago’s Chennedy Carter unnecessarily pushed Clark to the floor. The Fever newbie didn’t reciprocate but was left in disbelief. Without reviewing the action, the game official called it a personal foul.

As the video of their physical outbreak started going viral, it caught the attention of Draymond, who himself has been a part of multiple skirmishes this season. When Carter avoided discussing the matter in a post-game interview, the former DPOY wrote in the comment section of a social media post, “Indiana better go invest in an enforcer… FAST!”

Draymond suggested that Fever add an aggressive player to its roster who could defend Clark from such physical attacks.

A few days ago while talking to the IndyStar, Clark stated, “I think everybody is physical with me, they get away with things that probably other people don’t get away with. It’s tough, but that’s just the fact of the matter.”

The night ended with a 71-70 win for the Fever thanks to Clark’s free throw. Even after the harsh foul, the Chicago guard continued her distasteful act off the court.

Chennedy Carter Keeps Her Distasteful Act Going Towards Caitlin Clark

During the post-game interview, when Carter was asked how the 22-year-old guard made a difference in the game, she bluntly said, “I ain’t answering no Caitlin Clark questions.”

Later, she posted a picture of her feet on her Instagram story, describing how she constantly fought and argued with her brothers while growing up, so she finds comfort in hate more than love.

Carter dealt with Clark physically, whereas the latter answered by snatching the win. Now, the two teams will face off on June 16, and they can continue their battles.


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