Draymond Green’s Critique of Zach Edey’s Performance In National Title Loss

Green’s Remarks on Edey’s Defense and “Quitting” Stir Controversy Post-Game.

In the aftermath of Purdue’s loss to UConn in the national title game, star big man Zach Edey’s performance came under the microscope, particularly due to a pointed critique from NBA star Draymond Green.

Green, who watched the championship matchup closely, took to social media to express his thoughts on Edey’s showing. The Golden State Warriors standout praised Samson Johnson’s defense, suggesting it caused Edey to “quit” on his team.

“Job Well Done 35! You did your job tonight. It was him that made Edey quit with about 19 mins to go in the 2nd half. There was a turnover and I saw Edey body language walking back. He was done. Now rewatch the game from that point on. #FreeGame,” Green’s tweet read.

Zach Edey

This critique seemed particularly harsh given Edey’s standout performance, where he scored an impressive 37 points, making 15 of 25 field goals, and secured 10 rebounds along with 2 blocks, as reported by ESPN.com.

NBA Mock Draft Has Zach Edey Going In The First Round

Despite Edey’s dominance, UConn’s strategy under coach Dan Hurley seemed to revolve around containing Purdue’s shooters while allowing Edey to do his work against Clingan. However, as the game progressed, UConn’s defense began to stifle Edey, leading to a crucial stretch where he was unable to score for 10 minutes.

This moment seems to be where Green believes Edey “quit” on his team despite his significant contributions throughout the game.
Zach Edey

Zach Edey (Credit: NBA)

While Edey’s college basketball journey ended with a loss in the national championship, the focus now shifts to his NBA prospects. CBS Sports’ mock draft places the talented big man as a first-round pick, projected to be selected at No. 22 by the New Orleans Pelicans.

As Edey transitions to the professional stage, the conversation around his performance in the championship game and Draymond Green’s critique adds an intriguing layer to his future in basketball.

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