Everybody Said The Same Thing About Caleb Williams’ Interesting Look At USC Game That Caused A Major Uproar On Social Media

caleb williams in stands
Caleb Williams is arguably the biggest name in football right now and probably from the last two to three years in college football.

The future Chicago Bears quarterback and former Heisman winner showed up with quite a look for the USC women’s basketball game on Monday, and Twitter certainly let him hear about it.

While attending USC’s NCAA Tournament game against Kansas on Monday night, Williams stood out from the crowd as cameras caught him not only enjoying the music but Caleb Williams seemingly had a pink phone, pink wallet, pink nails, and rocked pink lipstick.

It didn’t take long for Twitter trolls to catch on and take to the social media site to deliver their responses.

Caleb Williams is constantly having criticism thrown his way whether it is justified or not. This time around, it appears to be unjustified as the young man is supporting the ladies of the University of Southern California in the NCAA Tournament and just enjoying himself in the stands.

For all we know, pink may be his favorite color and the painting of his nails is something his generation has made more acceptable for men to do. It doesn’t state their sexuality at all.

Chicago Bears Hoping Caleb Williams Is A Generational Quarterback

Overall, Caleb Williams had a terrific college career. His production didn’t quite reach the heights we’ve seen from other first-round picks but everyone can obviously see that he is something quite special on the field.

Caleb Williams’ bad games, and even some of his good ones, have been picked apart over the last handful of months as teams, scouts, draft experts, reporters, and fans try to decipher if he should be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft by the Bears.

The Bears traded Justin Fields and clearly think he is their guy and they have high hopes that he can be the man for years to come and be the next Patrick Mahomes-type player for them.

The 2022 Heisman Trophy winner threw for 3,633 passing yards and totaled 41 touchdowns in his final season in college, according to ESPN.com.




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