Everyone Has The Same Complaint About The NFL’s Conflicting Week 16 Schedule That’ll Force Fans To Make A Very Difficult Decision

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell walking off the field.NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

NFL fans are not happy with the league’s scheduling for December following recent disclosure regarding 2024’s late-year fixtures.

Fans should be used to the NFL claiming Saturdays in December, it’s nothing new. The college football regular season is usually pretty much done by Thanksgiving weekend, with a few bowl games here and there, so the league typically makes use of the free Saturday.

This upcoming season will be different, however. The College Football Playoff has expanded to accommodate 12 teams instead of four, so the playoff period will begin earlier than usual. And it appears to be conflicting with the NFL’s schedule.

It was expected that only games on that opening Saturday would be aired on NFL Network, but that won’t be the case as NBC has announced that it will broadcast an NFL game on Saturday, December 21, clashing with the CFP.

FOX is reportedly set to do the same.

Fans Are Rioting Online Over NFL’s Week 16 Schedule

Of course, NFL fans, like all sports fans, would prefer not to have to split their attention during major sporting events. So it was not great learning they must watch the NFL and the College Football Playoff simultaneously.

Some of them feel like it’s a cash grab on the league’s part, while others have threatened – so to speak – to commit to the CFP games instead.

“Remember when we said that even though the first round of the CFP was going up against NFL regular season games, it wasn’t that bad because those games were NFL Network games. Welp,” one commented.

“Saturday is for COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!! Hate the nfl so much,” another raged.

Check out some more reactions to the NFL’s week 16 schedule below:

NFL, what have you done?


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