Everyone Is Saying the Same Thing About Bronny James After Video Of His Vertical Jump Goes Viral At NBA Draft Combine

Bronny James goes viralBronny James at NBA Draft Combine (Screenshot Via @JoeDorrer)

The NBA Draft is one of the most-anticipated events of the year with the young guns taking their first steps in a journey to greatness. Not everyone scales the ladder in the highly competitive league at the same pace, but the draft order indicates the expected potential of the rookies. The 2024 NBA Draft is no different regarding hype, with the extra elements of the draft of Bronny James, son of LeBron James.

After receiving medical clearance, Bronny James participated in the Chicago draft combine on Monday. His initial measurement of 6’1″ in height and 210 lbs weight did not stand out, as his height was less than that of the average NBA player.

His flat stats in the USC colors also failed to make him a standout pick, but he just might change the minds of many. Bronny James went viral after footage from the combine showed his 40.5-inch vertical jump and the social media jumped onto it to hype the heir to LeBron. Here are some of the comments on X (formerly known as Twitter):

Though impressing the netizens won’t cut it for Bronny, so he decided to impress the scouts and GMs present at the event.

Bronny James Impresses at NBA Draft Combine

While not being a physically imposing specimen like his father, Bronny, with his handling and shooting impressed a lot of the coaches at the combine.

In the “side-mid-side” shooting drill, the 19-year-old scored 17 3-pointers out of 22. He also went 15 seconds straight without missing a shot in a drill that tests endurance and performance while tired.

With the NBA Combine performance, Bronny James might just move up in some franchises’ projections, but there is no surety of him getting drafted this year. Even if he doesn’t get his name called, he can go back to the college basketball scene to hone his craft a bit more. LeBron James and Bronny are a package deal; this concept is also looming in the NBA sphere, but contrasting reports also indicate that the father-son duo are on their own for now.

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