Here Is Tomorow’s Outrageous Victor Wembanyama Block-Into-Dunk Highlight

Victor Wembanyama has spent the last few months seeming to figure out just how dominant he can be on the NBA court. After the Spurs brought him along slowly in terms of making him their focal point, they’ve steadily taken the training wheels off and allowed him to play a bit more freely and make a bigger impact on both ends.

The results have been pretty incredible, and he’s all-but locked up the Rookie of the Year award even with Chet Holmgren having a tremendous year on a very good Thunder team. Not only is Wembanyama putting up monster numbers, but he seemingly produces a highlight play or sequence every night that would be one of the best plays of the year for most anyone else. The way he moves at his size, with his length, allows him to produce some hilarious highlights on both ends, and on Wednesday night he was at it once again against the Utah Jazz.

First, he brought help from behind Lauri Markkanen to block him at the rim when the Jazz star thought he had a clean dunk attempt, and then ran the floor to catch a lob over the top of a defender and reach his two preposterously long arms out to the rim for a dunk.

What’s funny is this is not the first time he’s done this to someone on the Jazz, as he had a ridiculous block on John Collins earlier this season that left Collins in shock as it didn’t make sense how he could’ve gotten blocked. This time he did the same thing to Markkanen, and then turned around and threw down a very funny dunk catching a lob at the restricted area fading away from the basket, turned, and calmly threw it down.

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