How Victor Wembanyama can improve his offensive game

Phoenix Suns v San Antonio Spurs

In his inaugural season, Victor Wembanyama has captured the attention of the basketball world, showcasing his ability to score from virtually anywhere on the court. Despite his towering stature, Wembanyama has displayed an impressive shooting range, attempting more pull-up three-pointers than any centers in the league.

However, despite standing at an imposing 7 feet 4 inches with an exceptionally long wingspan, the rookie has yet to assert his dominance in the low-post game. His statistics reveal a notable absence from the top 10 in post-up possessions per game, averaging a mere 3.2 touches. This pales in comparison to the league leader, Joel Embiid, who commands an average of 6.1 touches per game in the post. Furthermore, Wembanyama’s conversion rate of 47.7% from this area falls short of the elite echelon.

This deficiency in post-up play is an aspect of his game that the rookie must address and improve upon. It’s worth noting that his limited impact in this area could be attributed, in part, to the quality of his supporting cast. Additionally, Wembanyama entered the NBA with a physique lighter than most of his center counterparts, which could have impacted his ability to establish a dominant presence.

Looking ahead, with potential roster enhancements and a full offseason dedicated to refining his physique and skill set, expectations are high for Wembanyama to make significant strides. With a more efficient post-up game, Wemby could become even more dangerous offensively in his sophomore season.

Earlier in the season, the Dallas Mavericks had devised practice drills aimed at emulating Wemby’s shot-blocking abilities. However, it seems this particular opponent has discovered a more effective strategy, effortlessly launching high rainbows!

While I may not be an expert in this arena, according to Vegas, the outcome seems all but certain, with Victor Wembanyama being the overwhelming favorite.

It appears we have gained a new addition to the Spurs’ fanbase!

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