“I’m Sick of Aaron Gordon”- Anthony Edwards Blatantly Expresses His Frustration After Nuggets Forward “Turns Into Kobe Bryant”

Anthony Edwards frustratedAaron Gordon and Anthony Edwards (Image Source: Getty Images)

The Denver Nuggets stunned everyone with their massive comeback in Games 3 and 4 of the semifinal series against the Minnesota Timberwolves after facing two straight losses in front of their home crowd. Although MVP Nikola Jokic contributed to Denver’s team-high points, his teammate Aaron Gordon stole Sunday’s show with his mesmerizing shooting skills and making Wolves’ Anthony Edwards sick of him.

Edwards got exasperated while guarding the Nuggets forward. Venting out his frustration while leaving the post-game presser, the All-Star guard said, “I’m sick of Aaron Gordon,” and shook his head in disbelief at the performance Gordan showcased.

Gordon proved a severe concern for the Minnesota squad as he hit 11 shots from the field, missing only one shot, whereas his two shots from the 3-point range and three from free throws were accurately hit. The 28-year-old finished the night with 27 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists, a steal and 2 blocks.

Even 4-time DPOY winner Rudy Gobert was taken aback by Gordon’s 91.7% shooting from the floor. “A lot of them were contested so if Gordon turns into Kobe Bryant, we just gotta live with that,” said Gobert after the loss.

Aaron Gordon stuck with Anthony Edwards like a shadow throughout the game but despite the 105-115 loss, Ant-Man kept his spirits up and discussed about the match.

Anthony Edwards Reflects on Timberwolves Loss

Anthony Edwards equally entertained the Target Center crowd with his massive 44-5-5 contribution while shooting 16/25 from the floor, 5/8 from threes and 7/8 from free throws but yet couldn’t secure the win.

Stating his view on the loss during the post-game conference, Edwards said, “I don’t think they got any momentum. We won two games. They won two games. At this point, it’s just whoever wins two games. I don’t know how people look at it, but I look at like I’m happy. We’re competing at the highest level.”

The teams will face off on Tuesday for Game 5 and try to take the lead in the series, whoever wins two more games will qualify for the Western Conference Finals.


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