“Just Got Our A** Kicked”: Bradley Beal Does Not Mince His Words After Suns Loss to Victor Wembanyama-Less Spurs

Bradley BealSAN ANTONIO, TX – MARCH 23: Bradley Beal #3 of the Phoenix Suns drives on Victor Wembanyama #1 of the San Antonio Spurs in the first half at Frost Bank Center on March 23, 2024 in San Antonio, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images)

In a matchup between the Phoenix Suns and the San Antonio Spurs on Monday, the Suns suffered a tough loss at this crucial stage of the season, directly impacting their position in the competitive Western Conference standings.

The 104-102 road loss to the last-seeded Spurs, without their key player Victor Wembanyama, left fans and management in shock. Suns guard Bradley Beal had some words for the post-game conference following the ‘unacceptable’ loss, and he didn’t hold back in front of the media.

Bradley Beal’s blunt take on the Suns’ loss to the Spurs

The Phoenix Suns grabbed a 25-point victory against the San Antonio Spurs two nights ago. However, that victory backfired in the same arena as they lost their matchup against the same team without Victor Wembanyama last night. Phoenix Suns guard Bradley Beal spoke to the reporters after the game about what went wrong.

Beal said, “It’s a disappointment, We came in here and laid an egg. We thought it was going to be easy with no Wemby. Just got our ass kicked. They came out aggressive, just like Coach told us they would, and we didn’t respond. Well, we did, but we didn’t withstand their punches.”

Beal managed a total of 9 points along with 6 assists and 5 rebounds for the Suns. He exited the game with under three minutes remaining in regulation due to a finger injury and did not return. Jusuf Nurkic also suffered an ankle injury and left the game in the third quarter.

Devin Booker and Kevin Durant unable to grind out results against the Spurs

Kevin Durant and Devin Booker were the only starters for the Suns to score in double digits. They combined for 65 points, with Durant scoring 29 and Booker scoring 36. Despite their efforts, they fell short of securing victory for their team. Royce O’Neale came off the bench and was the only other player besides Durant and Booker to score in double digits.

While speaking to the media, KD said, “We knew they were going to play harder and we knew they were going to play with more focus, They got momentum at the end of the third and kind of cruised from there. The game is about momentum.”

Booker also spoke to the reporters and credited the Spurs players for their victory while acknowledging their own shortcomings, “I’m not into disrespecting our opponents. these guys are NBA players. There are some talented young players over there. We weren’t unprepared. We knew what to expect.”

With the last set of games remaining for the Suns before the playoffs and the tough race to avoid the play-in tournament, this loss has put the team in a difficult position at a crucial time.


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