LeBron James’s Legendary Showdown as Los Angeles Lakers’ Star Stuns Nets in Epic Win

LeBron james against Brooklyn NetsLeBron James against Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers had a memorable night as his team defeated the Brooklyn Nets 116-104 on Sunday. Following his performance, fans lost their minds over the box score and went crazy on social media. James, the four-time champion, finished with 40 points and made 9 of 10 3-pointers, which is not often the case.

It wasn’t as efficient as the first occasion he accomplished the feat, but it still didn’t break his record. LeBron James was 9 of 14 from outside the arc versus the Los Angeles Clippers at that time last season.

In their match against his previous team, D’Angelo Russell (18 points and six assists) and Anthony Davis (24 points and 14 rebounds) combined for a double-double to help the Lakers (42-33). They are currently in ninth place in the Western Conference rankings.

LeBron James has now become only the second player in Lakers history to make nine 3-pointers in a single game on four separate occasions; Kobe Bryant accomplished this feat four times throughout his career. But James is the first player to make nine 3-pointers after shooting 90% from three-point range.

As per the NBA website, James finished with 40 points, seven rebounds, five assists, and 13 of 17 field goals. James gave a performance that left fans in awe.

LeBron James is now a part of three record-breaking clubs

On Sunday night, LeBron James gave the Lakers a show to remember. He joined three clubs that broke records in the process. James reportedly became the second member of the LA Lakers to make nine 3-pointers in a series of games. He becomes the fourth player to do so after the late Kobe Bryant.

LeBron James has also surpassed Michael Jordan to become the player with the most 30-point games played. 671 of Jordan’s games included 30 or more points. At 672, the native of Akron, Ohio, is now in first place.

He established a record in part because of his age. James is an elderly player who scores 40 points and has a TS% of 100 or above. The other two who completed the task were thirty-one-year-old Jeff Hornacek and thirty-five-year-old Paul Pierce.

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