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Victor Wembanyama releases a statement upon receiving his ROTY hardware

Victor Wembanyama 2024 Rookie of the Year Event

Start your week with something positive.

San Antonio Spurs superstar on the rise Victor Wembanyama received his NBA Rookie Of The Year trophy Saturday at a ceremony at San Antonio College’s planetarium, apropos considering his shoe release features “the alien” theme.

For those who could not be there in person, Wemby wrote a statement and recorded a “thank you” video for all who have been involved with his NBA career, from the Spurs staff to the fans who have welcomed him with open arms.

Victor’s heartfelt video presents a well-spoken, thoughtful, and very Spursy young man, with maturity and poise.

Wemby is aware of his role, the expectations, and the eyes on him, yet he somehow weaves this acknowledgment with an air of confidence that he must navigate the journey as he best sees fit.

Bottom line, Wemby is a Spur for life and we are all part of the reason he embraces San Antonio the way we have embraced him.


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