NFL Denies Wild Rumors Of Scheduling Conspiracy Theory That’s Linked To Taylor Swift And The Kansas City Chiefs

Travis Kelce during a Super Bowl 58 and Taylor Swift performingTravis Kelce and Taylor Swift (via Getty Images)

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been going out since September of 2023; obviously, since then, they’ve been the media’s couple. It’s easy to say so when you have the world’s biggest popstar and arguably the sport’s best tight end being seen together over and over in public in a romantic way.

Now, we have to ask: Why wouldn’t the NFL want to capitalize on quite possibly the most popular relationship on the planet right now? The league can clearly make millions off Swift alone, and some fans thought that was the case with the Chiefs’ Week 11 match-up in Buffalo.

The Chiefs are slated to take on the Josh Allen-led Buffalo Bills at Highmark Stadium during Week 11 of this upcoming season, and many seem to think that it was scheduled so that Swift could attend after her show in Toronto on Saturday night.

While it would be a fantastic business idea for the league, NFL representatives have recently denied these claims. According to Jori Epstein of Yahoo Sports, the league did not consider Taylor’s Eras tour when creating the Chiefs schedule.

Will Taylor Swift Attend The Chiefs Week 11 Game Against The Bills?

Obviously, the league considered some parts of the pop mega-stars tour when planning. They had to ensure that specific venues were available, as Swift is currently selling out stadiums, some of which host NFL games.

It should be noted that fans’ speculation is all based on the assumption that the couple will remain together until the November 17th match-up, which will surely be a fireworks show.

It should be noted that Swift and Kelce have been rumored to be getting engaged soon after some recent photos of Kelce slightly changing up his looks surfaced on the internet. Some fans speculate about the engagement, while others believe it may be marriage. However, only time will tell what the future holds for the back-to-back Super Bowl champ and Grammy-winning superstar!


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