NFL Fans Are Begging The League To Adopt Awesome Cam From UFL That Looks Like Something Out Of A Madden Video Game

UFL Drone Cam catches Kevin Austin Jr. scoring a touchdown.UFL Drone Cam During Kevin Austin Jr. Touchdown (Photo via FOX)

It seems like every year, we see the NFL adopt some sort of new rule or technological feature from one of the other football leagues out there.

The most recent example of such came just this offseason when it was announced that the National Football League would change their kickoff rule to look more like the XFL’s version of the play. And if the fans get their wish, that won’t be the only new idea the league steals from one of their counterparts.

During Saturday’s UFL game between the Birmingham Stallions and the St. Louis Battlehawks, fans watching on television got an incredible look at the league’s drone cam. It gave everyone a great look at Kevin Austin Jr.’s 40-yard touchdown reception, which put his Stallions ahead, 30-26, with just 5:23 remaining.

At one point, the drone appeared to catch Austin Jr. by surprise, as if looked to be just a few feet from his head while he crossed the goal line.

That touchdown turned out to be the difference, as Birmingham held on for the 4-point victory to remain undefeated on the season.

As great as the touchdown was, fans were even more in awe of the drone cam, with many begging the NFL to adopt it for the upcoming season.

Drone Cam Isn’t The Only Thing That’s Different About The UFL

In addition to the drone cam, there are several other noteworthy differences between the UFL and NFL. Perhaps the most noteworthy is the absence of extra-point kicks in the UFL. Instead, teams can decide to go for one, two or three points after a touchdown by scoring from the two-, five- or ten-yard line.

The UFL has also eliminated what many felt was the worst rule in the NFL. Specifically, they don’t rule a turnover when the offense fumbles the ball out of the opposing team’s end zone. Rather, the offense retains possession at the spot where the fumble occurred.

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